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Sunday 23 May 202112.55 to 15.05

Come and join UCL Cheerleading Club at our Social Sessions running every Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Training:

Beginner 16:40-17:35

Intermediate/Advanced 17:55-18:50

Sunday Training:

Beginner 12:55-13:50

Intermediate/Advanced 14:10-15:05

Our Beginners class is designed for people with little to no tumbling experience. You will be working on and perfecting basic skills like: Handstands, Cartwheels, Roundoffs.

Our Intermediate/Advanced class is designed for people who can already roundoff and are looking to work on their backhandsprings and/or tucks.

At all of our social sessions you will be trained by one of our qualified coaches, Tony or Jo, to improve your strength, flexibility, jumps and tumbling skills. You can attend one session per day and must buy a ticket to attend a session. We look forward to seeing you there ⚡️💜

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