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Students' Union UCL
25 Gordon Street

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Main Reception

Tel: 020 7679 2500

Ground Floor
Students' Union UCL
25 Gordon Street

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Please visit Complaints to make an informal or formal complaint.

Sabbatical and Part-Time Officers

Sabbatical and part-time officers' contact details can be found here.

Our services

Clubs & Societies
020 7679 7239
[email protected]

Advice Service
020 3549 5232
[email protected]

Reception, Ground Floor, 25 Gordon Street, WC1H 0AY
020 7679 2500 / 020 7679 2502
[email protected] 

Leadership Development and Change
020 7679 0678

Volunteering Service
[email protected] 

Advertising to Students
020 7679 3946

Press Enquiries

Director of Student Experience

Carl Salton-Brooks  [email protected]

If you have a product or service aimed at UCL students, get in touch and we'll try and help.

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Laura Hinton, [email protected]


Please use the form below to get in contact

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You can find your UPI (UCL Person Identifier) on your student ID card in the bottom left corner.

If you would like a refund for something purchased from Students' Union UCL, you must complete the Refund Request Form. Only submit this form if there was a technical or payment issue with your order.

Note, logged in users can always access their orders and tickets by going to "My account" in the top right of the screen,and then to either the "Tickets" or "Orders" tab.

Please include the order number here, wherever possible.
If you know the problem occurs on a specific page, please paste the URL here.
Please specify the subject of this message.

When reporting website issues, provide as much detail as possible. e.g. instead of writing "x does not work" or "it won't let me do ...", try to explain what page you are on, what you click, and what the website does. You could tell us if there is an access denied message, an error message, or exactly what happens that you are not expecting. It really speeds up resolving your issue if we have this level of detail in your report. Thanks!


It looks like you've mentioned a refund or cancellation. Please note that refunds must be submitted via the Refund Request Form, not this contact form.

Visit the Refund Request Form

You can still submit this form if it does not relate to a refund or cancellation of an order for a Students' Union UCL product, event or membership.

Please follow our guide to changing your name on our website.

This form will be sent to our Student Activities Reception.

We will aim to get back to you within three working days.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0207 679 7239 our opening hours are:

Bloomsbury Reception, 2nd Floor:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm

Lewis’ Reception:
Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm

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