Looking to book a UCL Students' Union room instead? You can find that guide here.

There are lots of useful and interesting spaces around the UCL campus which can be booked for events, teaching, meetings etc., and some of them are very popular (so book early to avoid disappointment!). Only presidents have the authority to make bookings using the UCL online room booking system.

Step 1

To request a room go to the Room Booking Website, you will need your UCL login username and password. Login and search the UCL Room Bookings website to find out which rooms are available and when. 

Step 2

Once you have found a suitable room for your needs, click on the request link and fill in the online request form, making sure that you include as much detail as possible about your event. Now, it is time to consider if you need any extra planning for your event. Do you require an external speaker, extra equipment or security provisions?


External Speaker

If you are booking a room for an event with an external speaker you must specify this on the form, under ‘other relevant information’. You will also need to submit an External Speaker Request Form.


Hire AV Equipment

You can book extra audiovisual (AV) equipment for your room such as microphones (e.g. lapel microphones, handheld microphones), projectors, speakers, projector screens etc. Please note, you can only book extra equipment if the room you have booked is already supported with AV. You can check this by heading to the Room Bookings Page and viewing information specific to your booked room. 

If the room is already supported with AV you can make a request for further equipment for your event. Please ensure that you request this 10 working days or more in advance. If if is not requested in time, the UCL system will not allow the booking to be made.

To send a request for further AV - please email the Student Activities Reception with a full list of requirements for the event, the name of the event and the start and finish time of the event. Please include in the message title ‘AV Support for UCL Rooms’ so the email can be dealt with correctly.

At the Student Activities Reception we have a list of AV equipment that can be borrowed by clubs, societies and members of staff. Feel free to pop into the Student Activities Reception to enquire about the full list of equipment available to borrow. Alternately you can email or speak to one of our team on 0207 679 7239 to find out more. 

Please note: UCL AV Equipment cannot be supplied to all rooms on campus.



If your event requires security (or if you are not sure) then clearly state this on the UCL room booking and then email [email protected] and we will let UCL Security know. There may be a charge for this service, but please be advised that certain events e.g. large balls will require a security presence.

For larger events on and off campus we've provided a handy safety checklist to assist you with planning the basics of the event.


Step 3

You will receive a confirmation email from UCL Estates and Facilities when your room has been booked or you will receive an email telling you the room isn’t available.

Please wait for confirmation before publicising any events.

The UCL Room Bookings department will always try and allocate you the next best space, if the original space you requested isn’t available.

You will also be e-mailed confirmation if you have requested AV or an External Speaker.

Step 4

Check your room confirmation emails and ensure the details are correct.  If there are any problems please email [email protected].

If you need to make any changes to confirmed room bookings, email the room bookings department stating your booking reference, and what you want changed.

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