Associate & Visiting Membership 2023/24

Students' Union UCL offers the associate and visiting membership programme to welcome a variety of visitors and alumni to give them access to some of our top class services, sports clubs and societies. Whether a student from another university studying at UCL, or alumni wishing to stay connected with their old society, there is a range of activities you can access with visiting or associate membership.

Though we offer visiting and associate membership to hundreds of students, staff and alumni each year, not all applications are successful. Our primary function is to provide services for current UCL students and we have to make sure that the visiting/associate member's inclusion either enhances the opportunity and experience of UCL students, or make sure no opportunity is taken away from a UCL student as a result of the inclusion of a visiting/associate member.

Please carefully check your eligibility below before applying.

Visiting Membership

Members of other HE institutions, or students’ unions

You must be a current student at a higher education institution, or full member of another HE students' union. You will have to supply dated photo ID from your institution at point of application. We recommend that you check with the clubs and societies that you are interested in joining, prior to application, to see what opportunities they can offer you as a visiting member. Club/societies may be consulted about visiting membership applications but they do not have authority to approve any applicant.

Visiting students studying at UCL

If you are a student of another HE institution studying at UCL you are eligible to apply for visiting membership. On proof of eligibility you will be approved but may face some restricted services (see below).

Visiting Students studying at a Study Abroad programme, partnered to the union

If you are a student within a study aboard programme such as NYU in London, Lawrence, Arcadia etc. please check with your college office before applying. They may offer to cover the membership fee for you through their partnership with Students' Union UCL.

Associate Membership


All graduates of UCL are eligible for associate membership. Please include proof of graduation with your application.

UCL Staff/Union Staff/Fellows of UCL

All UCL staff, union staff and fellows of UCL are eligible for associate membership. Please include proof of status with application.

Honorary Life Time Members

Honorary lifetime members of the union who wish to be involved with clubs or societies need to renew their associate membership account each year (no charge). You should attached a digital copy of your HLM certificate to you application as evidence of eligibility. If you do not have a copy please request one from [email protected] , stating which year you were awarded it.


In addition to the normal union rules and regulations we expect all our members to abide by, there are additional conditions that apply to visiting and associate members:

  • Visiting/Associate Members are not allowed to represent UCL in competitive sport (this is including, but not limited to, BUCS & LUSL competitions)
  • Visiting/Associate Members are not allowed to hold office/a committee position within Students' Union UCL or its affiliated clubs or societies
  • Visiting/Associate Members are not allowed to vote in any Students' Union UCL or club/society elections.
  • Visiting/Associate Members cannot take lead roles in our theatre and music productions.

By becoming a visiting/associate member you also agree to follow the UCL Code of Conduct for students. Visiting/associate members not meeting this code of conduct will have their membership revoked, and any issues arising will be notified directly to the parent institution or other responsible parties as necessary.

For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Membership Fees

Rates for Visiting or Associate Membership of the Union are as follows:

£35.00 per year (Start date from 1st September. Expires 31 August each year)

£20.00 for three months (Start date from date of payment. Expires after three months or 31 August each year – whichever is sooner)

The fee is for union membership only. It does not cover membership fee to individual club or societies.