Our spaces on campus are special. They're different from the everyday high-street places you're used to, they have a mission. Everything we do in our cafes, bars, shops and gym is shaped by four promises:

These are our commitments to you. It means you'll always know you're paying a fair price, that the things you buy have been responsibly sourced, that the money you spend goes towards doing good things, and that when you visit us you'll feel at home and part of our community.

Introducing YOYO - the new way to pay

We're all about rewarding loyalty. When you spend money with us, you help make more happen at UCL. But when you use the YOYO app to pay, you'll also earn rewards just for you. There is such a thing as a free lunch, if you collect enough points.


Great coffee, friendly staff, tasty food. We've got everything you need.

We have four great cafes on campus, so wherever you are, you're just a few moments away from great coffee, good food, and friendly service.

All of our cafés sell Fairtrade teas and coffee and are staffed by UCL students.

You can also find Stone Willy's Pizza in 25 Gordon Street, the ideal lunch pit-stop on campus.


Phineas, The Huntley, Institute Bar and Mully's

Our four bars each offer something slightly different. Each has its own crowd, its own quirks, and you'll soon find your favourite.

Prices are low and the vibe is always chilled. We know how important these spaces are to meeting and connecting with friends, so if you’re planning on popping in, we’ll be ready to greet you.

If you're visiting one of our bars, familiarise yourself with our bar entry policy, designed to keep us all safe.


Searching for that fresh UCL look? You found it

Our on-campus shop, The Hanger, is the place to go for UCL merchandise. Hoodies, t-shirts, scarves and hats. Everything you'll need to represent UCL throughout your studies and beyond.

From the Hanger

EcoBird Embroidered Hoodie Mushroom
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
UCL Cap - Black
UCL Scarf - Grey
UCL Scarf - Black