Ahmad Ismail
Equity & Inclusion Officer
Aria Xingni Shi
Activities & Engagement Officer
Shaban Chaudhary
Education Officer
Issy Smith
Postgraduate Officer
Mary McHarg
Union Affairs Officer
Lucas Dastros-Pitei
Accommodation and Housing Officer
Maya Khurana
Arts Officer
Philip Greger / Suzanna Chen
Disabled Students' Officer (Job share)
Manaal Tariq
International Students' Officer
Micah Gerstner
LGBQ+ Officer
Christopher Johnson
Mature & Part-time Students' Officer
Louise Saukila
Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities
Rawleka Wilson and Rachel Lim (Job Share)
People of Colour (POC) Students' Officer
Research Students' Officer
Social Class & Mobility Officer
Himanshu Keshari
Societies Officer
Demetri Alvanis
Sports Officer
Grace Yang
Sustainability Officer
Trans Officer
UCL East Student Officer
Jingyi Ye and Yalin Chen (Job Share)
Volunteering Officer
Elisa de Aragao Bibay
Women's Officer