UCL East is a new campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

One Pool Street is home for many students with 552 rooms living directly above the campus. Here we're running a shop on the ground floor.

In September 2023, Marshgate will open and we will welcome thousands of new students to study and learn.

Your Students' Union will be here to ensure you have a great time at UCL East. Every student here will be able to engage with activities at UCL East and across our other sites.


Project Active Pilates and Stretch
Open your body, balance your energy through powerful breathwork (Pranayama), meditations, balances, hip openers, backbends, inversions (Asanas) and so much more. Creating a breath, mind and body connection that will balance your physical and mental energy. The class is beginner friendly and open to all fitness levels. Instructor: Kirty Mody Location: Teaching Space 1, Room 106, 1st Floor, UCL…
UCL 5km Run
Join us at the Lee Valley VeloPark’s one-mile floodlit Moto GP styled road circuit for our second UCL 5km Run. As one of the London 2012 Olympic venues, you can’t help but feel inspired to give this course a go. UCL 5km Run is a positive, welcoming and inclusive experience where there is no time limit and no one finishes last. Everyone is welcome to come along, whether you walk, jog or run.  


Find out the latest news on UCL East.

"... it's all about teamwork in engineering"
Rachel is a second-year biomedical engineering student at UCL, a few months ago we had a lovely chat with her about her role as a Project Leader for the student-led project Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Outreach
Sustainability and Volunteering: Hackney
Volunteering plays a vital role in the sustainability of London’s communities. Each year, over 2000 UCL students volunteer throughout the community with the help of the UCL Volunteering Service, which connects students to over 400 partner organisations across London.
Outcomes from February's UCL East Student Forum
UCL East Student Forum We're really keen to hear from students about their experiences of living and studying at UCL East.
UCL Leaders Conference 2023
UCL Leaders Conference at UCL East The 20th and 21st of January 2023 saw one of the biggest student-led conferences, UCL Leaders, take place in London for the 7th year in a row. This time, in UCL East, the new UCL campus in Stratford, East London.


We connect UCL students with rewarding community volunteering opportunities across London.

  • Volunteering Directory - Discover volunteering! Use the map view to find nearby opportunities.
  • Postgraduate Volunteering - We've carefully selected some flexible and time-light opportunities specifically for Postgraduates.
  • Community Research Initiative - If you're a Masters student check out this opportunity to partner with a local community organisation to collaborate with on your research.
Local Volunteering

Check these out on the Volunteering Directory:
Alcohol and Drug Education - Newham
Next Top Doctor - Tower Hamlets
Grassroots Human Rights - Tower Hamlets & Newham
Politeach - Hackney
Pearl - Tower Hamlets
Science4Kids & Roots and Shoots - Newham
Citizenship and Crime - Hackney
Friends of Refugees: accompanying minors to Court - Newham
Hackney Homework Club - Hackney

Sport & Fitness

Project Active

Our low-cost weekly classes run throughout term time both online, and in-person.

Sign up to our new football social league!

Both team and individual entries are now open and can be purchased here. Entries are termly and give access to all the players to all the matches. No additional fee will be collected.

We recommend you have 8 players on your team, (maximum 10 players per team). Teams can be mixed genders.

Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Team UCL

Team UCL in the area

A number of our Sports clubs train nearby to UCL East at Hackney Marshes. You can find out more about Team UCL on their webpage.

Hockey and Tennis can be found at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.
Football and Rugby play their matches at Hackney Marshes.
Netball is often based at the Copperbox Arena.

Team UCL Leagues

Set up TEAM UCL EAST! Or join with your friends in Team UCL's leagues.
Team UCL Leagues are open to everyone! There's different sized teams from 3v3 Basketball to 11-aside Football.

Get started

We suggest you get involved in the sport you love, but if you're not sure where to start here are a few recommendations:
Dodgeball - they offer the first session free and are always open to new members!
Tennis - They offer recreational and development sessions for players of all abilities.
Squash - With two free sessions every week, it's great to join the social group.
Netball - This team offer a Postgraduate team, which is great for UCL East students!


Academic Societies

Here are the current academic societies suitable for UCL East courses.

If you can't see a relevant society and would like help setting one up, click Start a Society below and get in touch.


UCL East Officer

Your elected UCL East Student Officers are Dania Hernandez and Peter Kanyike.

Academic Representation

Every course has an elected rep. Find out more about these roles on our Academic Rep webpage.

Halls Rep

Halls reps ensure those living at One Pool Street have a voice to their issues and concerns. Your Halls Rep is Zhongxian Wong.

Getting around

Travel and Transport

Our nearest tube stations are Hackney Wick, Pudding Mill Lane, Stratford, and Stratford International.

Social Media


Language + Writing Support Programme

We're here to help non-native English speaking students with their academic writing and speaking.

Our Peer Tutors run several different types of free activities to help you with your written and spoken English.

Run events and activities at UCL East

UCL East Grant – Engage with the UCL East community 

Get grant funding to engage the UCL East community. This includes Students’ Union Sports clubs, societies, representatives, and volunteering projects.

Who can apply?

We’re looking for students to run engaging activities at UCL East in our spaces, and within the local community. These events could help to build a sense of community, have an educational impact, provide career benefits, or have a positive impact on wellbeing. 

Please note: If you are an existing sports club or society you can apply to this grant through the student group grant form.

How much can I apply for?

We’re open to a range of activities from light to large-scale. We’ve listed some examples of how you could utilise the funding we have available: 

Engage at UCL East with ~£50 of funding: 
• Marketing materials to run a promotional stall at One Pool Street 
• Catering for a coffee morning 
• Pride flag to be displayed during LGBTQ+ History Month 
• Support for a one-off event  
• Transport of equipment costs between Bloomsbury and UCL East  
• Buy a prize for a UCL East Photography competition 

Deliver at UCL East with up to £750 of funding: 
• Set up a series of regular activities at UCL East 
• Host guest speakers related to sport, academic, or another interesting topic 
• Hire an event/sport space nearby to run activity 
• Collaborate with a local community partner 
• Organise a medium-size one-off event 
• Run a trip to a venue at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

Deliver projects related to your studies with up to £1,000 funding:
• Host guest speakers to bring in community voices around the themes of your studies.
• Hire a space nearby to run an activity with local communities.
• Collaborate with a local community partner
• Run a project inspired by the themes of your studies

Big ideas at UCL East  
We don’t want to limit your thinking, so we’re open to discussing bigger ideas and working out a budget plan with you. 
• Launch a student group (Society, sports club, or volunteering project) 
• Host a large-scale event
• Set up a social sport league with Team UCL 

Grant terms

This is a rolling-grant process, and you can apply at any point in the academic year, and you can apply for multiple requests. 
Money allocated through this grant process must be spent within the 2022/23 academic year
We recommend you apply for funding in good time to deliver your event or activity, as it may take a few weeks to approve and supply the grant funding. 
There is no storage space for items at UCL East, and there may be other considerations why we might reject or reduce the amount given for certain requests. So please include as much detail in your application as possible. 
We are working closely with the UCL East Engage Team and you may need to follow extra requirements to access funds, or report on set criteria.

Further examples

A student in halls at One Pool Street could request funds to run a film night for the residents in the Cinema. Costs could be used to cover the cost of the film, and to promote the event. 

For Black History Month, students could work with our Officers to hire a panel of speakers to speak at the UCL East campus in the Lecture theatre. This event could be a public event and be open to the wider community to attend. 

The Netball club could run a social league at the Copperbox arena on the Olympic park, this would be open to all UCL students, but is in an accessible location for UCL East students. We’d expect there to be specific marketing to UCL East based students to encourage them to engage. 

A performance society could ask for the funds to hire a local theatre out East and work to promote the performance to local residents. 

The running club could ask for investment in the technology to set-up local routes for students at UCL East. 

Funds could be requested to establish a new Departmental society, initial costs could be to have a mixer event, then a follow-up guest speaker, and for someone to design a logo. 

If you have a suggestion for an event, activity or improvement at UCL East, let us know.

Rooms (available to book)

Teaching Space 1 - First floor

Rows of chairs with writing surface. Capacity 32.

Teaching Space 2 - Second Floor

Rows of chairs with writing surface. Capacity 32.

Teaching Space 3 - Second Floor

Cabaret style, round tables. Capacity 24.

Teaching Space 4 - Third Floor

Cabaret style, round tables. Capacity 39. Access is via the roof terrace.

Teaching Space 5 - Third Floor

Rows of desks. Only available during the day, as it is for residents to use in the evening. Access is via the roof terrace.


Your local store

Our new convenience store is open up on the ground floor of One Pool Street. Entry is from the outside of the building.

The shop offers grab and go, international options, household essentials, and zero waste options.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

Local discounts