Representing you

All the ways you're represented at UCL

Your ideas

Help shape the world around you

The Union is led by students like you. It means you’ve got the power to change what the Union is, what it does and what it believes. Help shape it by submitting your ideas for change. 

Ideas can be submitted to one of 3 Union Zones: Activities, Education or Welfare & Community. A zone consists of a group of students who meet regularly and discusses student issues and ideas on related topics. We’ll help make your idea happen. If your idea affects multiple zones or you feel it should be discussed by all students, you may wish to consider calling for a referendum. 

UCL is your community, so you're in the best place to notice things that need to change.

Put your idea forward by launching a campaign.

Become a Student Quality Reviewer

Student Quality Reviewers work with UCL to take an in-depth look at different areas of academic practice. They help to improve how the university works by providing detailed feedback and analysis from a student perspective.