Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilties

Student parents and carers are represented in the Students' Union by the Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities. They're here to represent the interests and concerns of student carers to both the Union and UCL.

If you would like to contact the Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities, you can email [email protected]

Parents and Carers Network

Our Parents and Carers Network was set up in 2013 and runs events for student parents and carers. You can find out more about this network here, and can join the Student Parents and Carers Facebook group here. If you would like to suggest an event, please contact the Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities at [email protected].


If you are a parent or carer, you can self-identify as having caring responsibilities on our website. This provides us with an insight into the number of UCL students who are parents or carers, and helps the Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilties to communicate better with you and organise more tailored events.

Here is how you can identify yourself as having caring responsibilities:

Log in to your SU profile using your UCL username and password. Once you enter your profile, you can check the available data on your SU membership.

Go to the ‘Edit’ tab to update your profile and select the ‘self-define’ option. Here you can update the status of your caring responsibility.


UCL has a nursery for the children of UCL students and staff members. If you would like to make an enquiry about the UCL Day Nursery, you can email [email protected] .  

Most student parents choose childcare outside of UCL, and there are some grants and schemes that can help with the costs. If you’re a full-time student and live in England, you may be eligible for a Childcare Grant , free childcare or the Parents' Learning Allowance.

You can search for childcare and family services in your area on the 'Childcare Finder' tool on the Family and Childcare Trust website.


Students are welcome to breastfeed anywhere on campus. If you’re looking for a private, designated breastfeeding space, students are entitled to use the breastfeeding rooms provided for staff. The list of rooms can be found here .

For information on breastfeeding in public places and your rights, see this factsheet from Maternity Action.

Child-friendly Spaces

Supervised children are welcome in all of the Union Cafes (George Farha, Print Room (Unsuitable for under 18’s after 18:30), Gordon's and Bloomsbury) and there are highchairs in all of these outlets. If you would like milk or baby food warmed up, please ask the baristas.

Our other licensed venues - Mully’s, Huntley and Phineas - are unsuitable for under 18s, with the exception of visit days, prearranged tours and events taking place when the bar is not open.

UCL Libraries

Whilst the libraries are not designed to be family-friendly, students may take their children in with them on a one-off basis.

Resources for Student Parents and Carers

Citizens Advice Bureau  – find your local bureau.

Family and Childcare Trust  - find childcare and family services in your area.

Gingerbread  - free advice, training and practical support for single parents.

Health and Safety Executive  - information for new and expectant mothers at work.