Our Student-Led Volunteering Programme exists to give you the chance to develop your leadership and project management skills while running community volunteering projects that have a real impact on the lives of other Londoners. We provide students with regular support and guidance, project management training, and you can apply for up to £750 to help with running costs.

SLP news

"These people are struggling. They have been through a lot and with a little effort we can make a huge difference to their lives."
Shuan is a first-year International Social and Political Studies student specialising in anthropology. She works as a project leader for the Student-Led Project Impact Initiative, a project founded to aid the English learning of Afghan Refugees in London.
"It made a huge impact on the students, they were all grateful and really enjoyed it"
London Screen Academy has been partnered up with the Student-Led Project UCL Sexpression.
"It certainly impacts on their sense of responsibility and clarity..."
In this Profile Piece, Dorota shares the collaboration experience between Westminster Kingsway College and the Student-Led Project On & Up Women in Finance. Find out about the amazing workshops they ra
What I’ve really learnt is that volunteering isn’t about “pitying those in need”, but rather establishing genuine human connections.
I spoke to the lovely Angel who is currently an MSci in Psychology and currently in year 1.