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This is a space for ideas that we’ve collected from our local and wider London voluntary & community sector. Our neighbours. These ideas represent what local charities, community or citizen groups considers most important, right now, to further what they do, fill a knowledge gap, or change and improve something for some of the most pressing social issues. If you are looking for dissertation inspo, you might just find it here.

This is the start of your participatory dissertation journey! If you find an idea that strikes you, use the Expression of Interest button to explain why you are interested and what experience or skills you can bring to develop the idea into a project… and your dissertation.

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An Ageing Society: what keeps people healthy and independent as they age?
Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum
Populations in the UK and throughout the world are ageing. This would mean that there would be an significant increase in use of social services, with associated economic impact in the future. Japan…
Older People
Phones for Living: What does provision of smart technology change for people experiencing homelessness and what are the digital skills gaps?
Thames Reach
Thames Reach works directly with homeless people and rough sleepers and works hard to stop vulnerable people from becoming homeless. This idea is about digital skills. We have given phones out to…
Greening London's urban spaces: connecting up smaller informal green spaces with the larger formal spaces of Bloomsbury
Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens
To investigate ways of ‘joining up’ the large green spaces in Bloomsbury with smaller pockets of greenery and in any other way (e.g. perhaps pavement-marked walking routes). This could link in with…
Buildings, Spaces, Urban
A Role for Community Networks in Nature Recovery Within Urban Spaces
National Federation of Parks & Green Spaces
Halting biodiversity loss is imperative for mitigating the effects of climate change and fostering resilient urban ecosystems. In urban environments, parks and greenspaces serve as crucial habitats…
Buildings, Spaces, Urban
Understanding the Impact of a Social Media Strategy to Improve Mental Health in Youth
The Mix
The Mix reaches over 5 million young people through social media each year. Our aim is to provide young people support via our social media; however, we do not have clear understanding of our impact…
Young People
Evaluating the impact on mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable young people aged 10-19 using preventative intensive music therapy.
Bonny Downs
Securing NHS funding, BDCA in collaboration with Community Albums (CA) are leading music therapy courses for disadvantaged children in Newham. The young people participating in this programme are…
Health & Social Care
Exploring People's Interests in using Carbon Tracking Apps
EcoCounts has been set up to encourage people to feel able to go green, be more sustainable, be more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint as they go about their everyday lives,…
Campaigning For Change
Food Waste Recycling Initiative: Assessing Public Acceptance and Behaviours
East London Garden Society
The East London Garden Society (ELGS) is a grassroots gardening community in East London aiming to promote gardening and provide a more sustainable environment. In light of the new Food Waste…
Nature, Horticulture
Evaluating the impact of Heroism
Being The Cure
In our ever-changing global landscape, where one in seven young people face with mental health challenges and social inequality continues to grow, innovative solutions are needed. 'Being The…
Children & Families
Fostering a Community around Camden Canals for All Members of Society Suffering Distress and Hardship
Camden Canals Narrowboat Association
How can turning canals into a third space foster a community for all members of society suffering distress and hardship (e.g. mental illness, long-term illness, poverty and homelessness, etc)?…
Buildings, Spaces, Urban
Understanding interventions and barriers on closing Maths GCSE attainment gaps
The People's Classroom
As a new charity, we are currently developing a flagship programme and require research to support this process. This research will involve a literature review, with a summary of findings on existing…
Investigating and understanding bat behaviour using participatory data collection methods in an urban setting
Cody Dock
Cody Dock is a charitable ecological and creative arts and industries hub situated in Newham, along the river Lea. Situated in a rapidly expanding urban environment, providing an evidence-based…
Animal Health, Welfare, Care
Understanding particular treatment and support requirements for women
Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT)
Recognising that homelessness affects women differently to men, SCT would like to better understand the particular considerations that need to be made to expand their treatment and support offering…
Health & Social Care
What is the impact on wellbeing and health outcomes of befriending initiative in Fulham?
Fulham Good Neighbours
This research aims to compile evidence on the transformative effects of a befriending scheme on older adults (OAs). The study confronts the urgent societal challenge posed by population aging and the…
Understand Critical Factors of Treatment Success for Homeless People
Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT)
SCT works to treat and support homeless people to improve quality of life and facilitate rehabilitation. We are interested in better understanding the factors of our programmes that contribute to the…
Health & Social Care
Improving attendance at counselling sessions analysing barriers and motivations in youth.
4-22 Foundation
4-22 Foundation provides counselling for a group of about 20 young people of 18-25 years old who have mental issues in their life. Some young people dropped off from counselling sessions while others…
Health & Social Care
A Qualitative Exploration of Experiences of Girlhood and Their Lasting Impact Amongst GFS Volunteers
Girls Friendly Society
We are a national charity, supporting girls across England & Wales since 1875. Our vision is of a world where girls are free to be themselves and feel proud of who they are. Without this, girls…
Discovering the Impact of a Community Association (BHCA) on a local community’s mental and physical wellbeing and subsequently on Social Care Budgets (in Essex).
Bedford House Community Association
Bedford House Community Association (BHCA) is embarking on a research endeavour aimed at producing a robust Impact Report that empirically illustrates BHCA’s profound influence on the local community…
Health & Social Care
Incorporation of Art in everyday life to improve life quality in marginalised communities
Black Woman Kindness Initiative
We aim to explore the influence of art on the wellbeing, lifestyle, and happiness of individuals. Our project involves conducting qualitative research among Black and Asian women aged 18 and above in…
Enhancing Visibility: Understanding the Multiethnic Irish Population in the UK
This research initiative seeks to address the limitations in census data related to ethnicity, particularly focusing on the identification of the multiethnic Irish population within the UK. The…
Assessing the Impact of the Prepsters Program on Academic Performance and Student Experience for Fundraising Purposes
Families 4 Peace
We are Families4Peace, an organisation in Northwest London where we welcome recently displaced individuals and families from Ukraine. The research project wants to demonstrate the positive impact of…
Exploring the Link Between Long-Term Health Conditions and Crime Probability in Disengaged Youth
YourStory Ltd
Our charitable organization, specializing in mentoring disengaged young people, seeks to research the potential correlation between long-term health conditions and the likelihood of committing a…
Developing an Robust Methodology for Collecting Personal Carbon Footprint Data to Foster Sustainable Communities
EcoCounts is a North London charity aiming to revolutionise the way we account for CO2 emissions. Our methodology involves participants meticulously recording their personal carbon footprint, derived…
Mobilizing Green Communities: A Comprehensive Study on Volunteer Management Best Practices within Friends Groups for Sustainable Urban Parks
National Federation of Parks & Green Spaces
Our community research proposal aims to investigate and enhance the management of volunteers within individual Friends groups associated with parks and green spaces. The National Federation of Parks…
Buildings, Spaces, Urban