A research partnership for good

A core feature of the Community Research Initiative is the opportunity to carry out a collaborative dissertation project.
Through this collaboration, you will partner with voluntary & community organisations or community groups . You will plan and carry out a research project that will benefit the organisation and serve as your dissertation project!

We have several ways for you to find a community partner that connects with you and your research goals. You can choose from existing ideas, submitted by our community partners, through our Community Noticeboard or we can approach community partners on your behalf -- this is our brokering service.

Our Brokering Service

Let's start some conversations!

At the Community Research Initiative, we are able to approach voluntary & community organisations or community groups on your behalf - this is our brokering service.

It is often more successful than trying to contact yourself - think of how many students are in UCL and London as a whole!

We know that our Community Noticeboard will not have the right projects for everyone! If there is nothing that suits you or matches your field of interest, feel free to suggest any organisation you'd like to meet with to start a conversations - and we'll do the rest.

Tell us what you need

Get Googling or check our Directory of existing Partners here. The Directory is full information about the organisations we already work with on student volunteering or research opportunities. Use this as inspo. It is not the same as our Noticeboard which is specifically for master's students working with us.

If you identify a potential organisation by some other route than our Directory, our only ask is that you check the organisation is eligible: must be non-profit making or a Community-interest Company (CIC) and we prioritise small-to-medium sized organisations. Details about eligibility can be found in the form below.

You are limited to a total of 6 requests for our brokering across the year and we would recommend you don't do 6 all at once. Try 2 or 3 and see what happens.

You must be signed up to the Community Research Initiative to use our brokering service. Check your Students' Union UCL student profile if you are not sure or sign up here.