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The votes are in the count is complete.

9,473 of you voted. The most ever at UCL. That’s 19.58% of all UCL students, 60% higher than last year.

You elected leaders for Clubs, Societies and the whole Students’ Union and they’re waiting to get started on making life better for everyone at UCL.

Club and Society results

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2021-22 Sabbatical Officer team
2021-22 Part-time Officer team

Sabbatical Officer, Part-time Officer and NUS Delegate Candidates

Browse through profiles, send them messages, watch videos, read about their plans and learn everything you need to know to make an informed vote next week.

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Activities and Engagement Officer

Education Officer

Equity Officer

Postgraduate Officer

Welfare and Community Officer

Union Affairs Officer

A new team of student leaders will be elected this week. It makes sense to choose who they are. They work for you after all, representing you to UCL.

You’re part of the UCL community, even if you haven’t always felt like it. By voting this week, you’ll have a say in what kind of community you’re part of.

The more students who vote, the more powerful student voices become. Elected students need your backing to make big changes. Get behind student power, just by voting.

Think about this year, now think about what you want to happen next year. The students you elect this week will be getting paid to make next year amazing. So, what do you want?

Have you ever voted? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to vote before - you’re in for a treat. Make this your first time, you’ll never forget it.

Leaving us this year? Leave your mark on UCL. Elect next year’s student leaders and leave a little legacy for those that come after you.

What happens if I have problems voting?

If you are unable to vote but believe you should be able to, please contact

Who can vote?

All students who are members of the Union can vote.

If you have opted out of the Union membership, you can opt back in here.

Some positions, like Education Officer, are open to all students and therefore all students will be able to vote. On the other hand, only those who self-define as BME, will be able to vote for the BME Students’ Officer. You will be able to self-define on the voting page to enable you to vote for specific positions. 

How do elections take place?

All candidate campaigning will take place online, and you’ll be able to vote via a secure part of our website.

Why have you changed the sabbatical officer roles?

Last term, we commissioned the governance consultancy MiraGold to lead a consultation on representation at UCL. They worked with students, current and previous elected officers, and the people at UCL that students and officers are seeking to influence. MiraGold are experts in their field and focussed around Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. They invited all students to take part in the consultation, through surveys and focus groups in term one this year. Their research report was presented to the Union’s Leadership Team in December and was developed into a set of proposals for the Union’s Executive Committee, made up of elected Sabbatical and Part-time Officers, to consider. 

On Monday 18 January, after an extensive Union Exec meeting in which the proposals were discussed, debated, and modified, a new Officer structure was unanimously approved. 

Read about what’s happened and why here.

A candidate has done something inappropriate as part of their campaign, what should I do?

If you believe a candidate has acted inappropriately in their campaign, please submit a complaint. 

What are the rules?

In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. We have condensed them to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. You can read the rules here.

How do I make a complaint?

You can submit a complaint of rule violations here. All complaints are investigated by the Deputy Returning Officer.

We’re here to help you. Ask us a question about the Leadership Race