Each year, students at UCL vote to elect the leaders of clubs, societies and the Students’ Union. 1,000’s put themselves forward and 1,000’s vote. The students you elect start work in the summer and spend the next academic year making more happen at UCL.

Each year thousands put themselves forward in the Leadership Race. And each year you come out in your thousands to vote.

During the Leadership Race you can vote for:

  • The six full-time Sabbatical Officers who lead the Students’ Union.
  • Student Officers, including roles like the POC Students’ Officer and Women’s Officer.
  • The president or treasurer of your sports club and society.
  • Other committee positions for your club or society.
  • Networks for our liberation groups

Who gets elected in Vote Week?

Here's who you'll be electing during Vote Week

The Leadership Race is your chance to choose who leads your club, society, and Students’ Union

Sabbatical and Student Officer Candidates

Browse through profiles, watch their videos, read about their plans and learn everything you need to know to make an informed vote during Vote Week.

The candidates are hoping to get the chance to make life at UCL better for you, but they need your votes. See who they are, and what they plan to do for you through digital candidates fair.

Club and Society Committee Candidates

1,000's of students have put themselves forward to lead clubs and societies - find out who they are, and what they plan to do for your club or society.

What do the people you elect actually do? Have a look through the role descriptions below:

Sabbatical Officers

As a Sabbatical Officer, your role is to improve life at UCL for all students. You'll sit on important meetings, represent students and make sure your voice is heard at the highest university level. You'll have the opportunity to drive big changes at UCL with the support of the Union sitting behind you. This is a full time and paid role which you can do at the end of your studies, or take a year out during them.

There are six Sabbatical Officer role positions:


Education Officer

Equity and Inclusion Officer

Welfare and Community Officer

Postgraduate Officer

Activities and Engagement Officer

Student Officers

Arts Officer

International Students' Officer

Mature, Part-Time & Carers Students' Officer

Research Students' Officer

Social Class & Mobility Officer

Societies Officer

Sports Officer

Sustainability Officer

Volunteering Officer

Disabled Students' Officer

LGBQ+ Officer

People of Colour (POC) Officer

Trans Officer

Women's Officer

Student Trustees

As a charity Trustee, you will be a member of the Trustee Board that ensures Students Union UCL has the necessary financial and structural stability to carry out its aims effectively. On a practical level, this means you need to be able to make major decisions on legal and financial issues and ensure that Students Union UCL is delivering on the political policy set by the elected representatives of Students Union UCL.

Read more about the role.

Network Representatives

You can be part of seven Students' Union affiliated Networks that lead to create spaces of community! But they can't do it alone! So they have the following representatives on the committee to help them out.

Network Secretary

Network Social Secretary

Network Communications Representative

Network Campaigns Representative

Network POC Students' Representative

Network LGB+ Students' Representative

Network Trans* Students' Representative

Network Women Students' Representative

Network Disabled Students' Representative

Network Welfare Officer

Learn more about these committee positions.

President of your club or society

Presidents and treasurers jointly lead all of our clubs and societies! You’ll be elected by your fellow club or society members, and be responsible for deciding your programme of activities and events for the next academic year. It’s an incredibly rewarding opportunity to develop your skills, build your student community and make unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss the chance to get involved in running your student group…

Treasurer of your club or society

Presidents and treasurers jointly lead all of our clubs and societies! You’ll be elected by your fellow club or society members, and be responsible for deciding your programme of activities and events for the next academic year. It’s an incredibly rewarding opportunity to develop your skills, build your student community and make unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss the chance to get involved in running your student group…

Here's why voting matters

See the impact current and past student leaders have made


A new team of student leaders will be elected in March. If you vote, you'll have a say in who they are. Sabbatical Officers work for you, representing you to UCL. It makes sense you help select them.


The more students who vote, the more powerful student voices become. Elected students need your backing to make big changes. Get behind student power, just by voting.


Have you ever voted? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to vote before - you’re in for a treat. Make this your first time, you’ll never forget it.


You’re part of the UCL community, even if you haven’t always felt like it. By voting this week, you’ll have a say in what kind of community you’re part of.


Think about your experience this year, now think about what you want to happen next year. The students you elect this week will be getting paid to make next year amazing. So, what do you want to happen next year?


Leaving UCL this year? Leave your mark and be part of the story. Elect next year’s student leaders and leave a little legacy for those who come after you.

Student leaders make impact at UCL.
Watch some of their stories below.

Jingyi's Story

"I noticed that I could bring communities together, such as international students, who might feel isolated studying in a new country, so my experience inspired me going for the role."

Harrison's Story

"I'd say, first of all, go for it. I think it's great fun. It's challenging, but massively rewarding, and by far the most rewarding thing I've done at UCL. "

Luisa's Story

"As the leader, I think seeing the impact you can have on a club is amazing. Just seeing how many people turn up to your events... it's super inspiring seeing how much change you can create within a society."

Leadership Race timetable and FAQ

Nominations Open29 January09:00
Nominations Deadline (including Manifestos)4 March12:00
Candidates Announced6 March17:00
Voting Opens11 March09:00
Voting Closes15 March12:00
Count & Results Announcement15 March17:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer below? Our Elections team is here to help, you can reach them on [email protected]

How do elections take place?

Elections take place online with voting opening on Monday 11 March. All UCL students will vote via a secure part of our website. If you nominate yourself, you be able to share a manifesto on your candidate page for voters to read, and take part in virtual question time events.

Will I get support during the election?

Yes. We have a team of staff ready to help you. They can talk to you about the different roles, help you reach potential voters, and just be there when you need someone.

Can I nominate myself for more than one position?

Only if they don’t sit on the same Policy Zone or both sit on Union Executive. You can only nominate yourself for one Student Officer position and one position per Network Committee.

Can I run if I'm Postgraduate?

Absolutely, we have lots of postgrads nominate themselves for election.

What happens if I win?

You’ll find out in March, and you’ll start your new role in July. We’ll give you lots of training and support and help you with any paperwork you might have to do, like applying to interrupt your studies.

Who can vote for me?

Everyone who is eligible to nominate for a position is able to vote for that position. Some positions, like Education Officer, are open to all students and therefore all students will be able to vote. On the other hand, only those who self-define as a woman, can nominate themselves for the role of Women’s Officer, therefore only those who self-define as a woman can vote for the position. Eligibility criteria is listed on the role descriptions.

What are the rules?

In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. We have condensed them to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. The election rules can be found here.

Can I submit a complaint?

You can submit a complaint about a candidate if you believe they have broken one of the election rules. The complaints form can be found here.

Can you share the role with another person?

The Student Officer roles are eligible for a job share. 

What are the time commitments? And will I be eligible for the role?

To see the eligibility requirements and time commitment for each role please review role descriptions below.

Will there be training and opportunities for development?

Yes, plenty. As all of our officers receive training which will cover a number of areas and skills including assertiveness, public speaking, working in a team and more. You will gain more experience just from being in the role. There will also be the opportunity to go to events and conferences relevant to your officer role as well as opportunities to work on projects that you are passionate about. 

Where will these roles be based?

The Sabbatical Officer roles will be UK based, working primarily from our offices at 25 Gordon Street in London, with some remote working.

If I'm thinking of nominating myself for a position, who can I discuss this with to get advice and guidance?

We're here to help - the first point of call will be our Elections team, you can reach them on [email protected] drop us an email and we'll get you speaking to the right people.

Can I nominate myself for a Full-time/Sabbatical Officer position if I am an international student? Won’t I need a new visa?

Yes, you can nominate yourself. You will not need a new visa to your existing visa but you may need to get an extension.  We will help you through this process and may be able to cover the associated cost. We have had a number of international sabbatical officers in the past, including students from Hong Kong, the United States of America and Jamaica. 

What happens if there are technical issues during Vote Week?

In the unfortunate event that technical issues occur during Vote Week which interrupt the elections, the following actions will be taken:
- If voting is disrupted between voting opening on Monday 11 March and Thursday 14 March at 12:00 for less than 24 hours the elections will continue as usual.
- If voting is disrupted in the last 24 hours of voting being open, voting will remain open until Monday 18 March at 12:00.
- If voting is disrupted for more than 24 hours during Vote Week, a new elections schedule will be published.