Zero Food Waste is a project at UCL that aims to tackle food waste on campus. We re-distribute food from where it is in excess to where it is in need: from UCL cafés to homeless shelters.

The After School Crew aims to build a society with stronger community bonds, where every child has equal access to education. For a couple of hours each week, we work with primary school children in Kings Cross.

The UCL Amnesty International Outreach Project aims to provide volunteers from UCL who are interested in Education and Human Rights the platform to promote positive changes in the wider community through their actions and commitment.

Do you want to help the homeless people in our community? Do you have an interest in art? Then come join Art Without a Home! We are a volunteering project that provides weekly art workshops to the homeless around UCL.

Run by the UCL Cheerleading Society, 'Cheering you up' seeks to offer support and guidance to young people during COVID-19. 

We are a student-led volunteering project that brings legal education to local primary schools. In collaboration with them, we run workshops during which we teach Year 6 pupils about citizenship, crime, and human rights.

Dance It! is a Student-Led Volunteering Project which works in partnership with Holborn Community Association - volunteers lead in dance classes specialising in a variety of styles, aimed specially for older participants aged above 55 years old.

Double Exposure aims to empower individuals who have experienced homelessness through providing them with a creative platform for self-expression. In doing so, we hope to aid them in regaining self-confidence and become the narrators of their own stories.

At Engineers Without Borders, we aim to inspire young students to love science. Going to classes and working at education fairs, we run fun activities to give a more practical and hands on approach to the science that are taught to students in the classroom.

First Aid Skills is an exciting new project setup last academic year. The project delivers a 12 week course in first aid teaching to a group of keen and enthusiastic young people, many of who are interested in a career in healthcare.

This project is in partnership with Shpresa Programme, a user-led organisation that promotes Albanian contributions to and participation in British society. We are recruiting volunteers to accompany unaccompanied Albanian asylum seekers to their court hearings.

In association with the Volunteering Service, the CAJ Grassroots Human Rights project focuses on educating young people in local state schools about their human rights.

Headucate aims to tackle mental health stigma and end discrimination by running interactive workshops in schools around London! We will be working with Year 9 students and are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team - no prior experience/knowledge required!

Healthy Planet UCL Schools Project provides free workshops for primary school children on topics related to our environments and health.

HIVe UCL is a student-led volunteering project that aims to promote awareness and knowledge of HIV through education.


Project Impactive is building the future of assistive tech. 

Interlanguage is a project that aims to promote language learning to primary school children in years 5 and 6. With the level of language learning declining at secondary and higher education levels in the UK, against international trends, we are doing our bit to combat this.

In term 1 we will run online activities only, including jazzy challenges and music videos we’ll send to charities (e.g. Age UK). We hope this will be a nice distraction from the covid situation.

Kio Education is a UCL Student Led project which was founded with the goal of helping GCSE students achieve A/A* grades and encouraging them to love Maths as much as we do!

Learning through Artefacts is a student-led project founded in 2016. The project centres around using object-based learning practice to encourage active learning and critical thinking in primary school children (7 -12).

We work closely with Camden Council and assist them in running the DofE award for local schoolchildren in Camden. Sessions take place twice a week and we help in teaching skills required for an expedition (e.g.

Math-o-Maniac is a student-led volunteering project, which aims to make maths more fun and enjoyable for primary school students by planning and delivering interesting and interactive maths lesson to them.

MEDucate is a relatively established volunteering project, having been very successful in the past few years. The aim of the project is to help children develop their knowledge, in order to help them realise that learning science can be both fun and interesting.

We're a tight knit community of volunteers who run Model United Nations and Public Speaking Workshops in schools across the UK.

Are you passionate about widening participation in medicine and allied health professions? Do you love teaching or want to develop your teaching skills? If so, then this is the project for you!

What do we do?

We are looking for new volunteers! 

The UCL Origami Volunteering Project is a hospital based project which aims to provide a positive distraction for children. We work with University College London Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital, where we teach kids origami pieces, from very simple pieces to more complex ones. 

Unless you train as a professional sportsperson, you rarely learn about sport psychology, exercising mental strength or even how to conduct a proper warm-up.

Pearl is a student-led project that brings together UCL student volunteers with children who have varying degrees of Autism to enable them to make a positive, life-enhancing impact on children's lives by developing their skills, confidence and self-belief, thereby empowering them to lead the life

Welcome to Politeach! Our aim is simple - to sow the seeds of future political engagement by teaching British politics and democracy to primary school students across London. Interested in combating the political apathy so prevalent in our society? Want experience in teaching?

UCL Roots and Shoots is a project affiliated with the Jane Goodall Institute committed to making a better world for people, animals and the environment. We are looking for volunteers interested in humanitarian, environmental and conservation issues to run workshops for local school children.

Coffee mornings by RUMS Women's Football Club socialising with elderly members in the community with the aim to reduce social isolation.

Who are we?

Save a Baby's Life is a voluntary organisation, run by UCL students in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society since 2011.

Science4Kids is a volunteering project dedicated to show children that science does not belong just in a book. We bring life to everyday science by giving interactive, scientific workshops to children from Year 3 to Year 6, with each workshop lasting an hour.

We are a group of Musical Theatre Society members who sing on wards at University College Hospital!

Get in contact with us to put a smile on someone's face!

Suture the Future aims to overcome the dichotomy which exists between underprivileged children and those who have the advantages of having a better education.

The UCL Teddy Bear Clinic is a student led volunteering project that has been running for the past 15 years! We teach primary school kids about health and safety in a fun and informative way. The sessions last for one hour on Wednesday afternoons from 2-3pm.

The Environmental Justice Project aims to engage students in secondary schools with humanitarian issues related to climate change and environmental injustices, both within their local communities and further afield. We will be doing this through virtual workshops, presentations, and events, as we

This is a project aiming to educate children about ethical choices when buying clothes and the benefits of upcycling old textiles through short talks and discussions followed by crafting using materials collected from charity shops.

The StreetLaw project involves students researching, designing, drafting and delivering interactive presentations on the law to groups in the community that might not have access to legal information or education, or that may have a negative perspective on the legal system.