Hiring equipment externally

Step 1

If you are hiring or borrowing any equipment you must firstly make sure that the level of expenditure is approved. This may involve drawing up a budget by completing an Activity Registration Form.

In addition, you should also make sure that any equipment you hired is insured, via the short-term insurance procedure. You will need to include the costs of insuring the equipment in any Activity Registration Form that you complete.

Step 2

To hire equipment you must complete a Purchase Request Form.

Step 3

Visit the Activities & Skills Manager at  2 weeks before the hired equipment arrives if you need advice about completing the Short Term Insurance Form. You will need to submit a proof regarding the value of the hired items along with the Short-Term Insurance Form.  This could be an inventory or a website page stating the re-sale value. 

Step 4

When the equipment arrives, the Treasurer must be present and should check the items and sign for them. When the item is returned the Treasurer should ensure that a signed itemised list is received from the company or collection agent confirming the goods have been returned safely.

Hiring technical equipment from the Union

Students' Union UCL has some technical equipment, that it is available for any club or society to borrow free of charge. This includes some microphones and a digital projector.

The Stage Crew Society has a very large selection of equipment, especially suitable for performances and exhibitions, which they lend other clubs and they will also assist in the set up of equipment. However they are busy and they reserve the right to not let you use the equipment if they are unable to supervise its use.

Step 1

If you want to borrow Student Activities' digital projector, you should contact reception on [email protected], who can arrange short term loans of the projector for free. Presidents will be asked to sign a contract for long term loans.

Step 2

The Stage Crew Society can lend out sound and lighting equipment. You can email them to discuss your needs: [email protected].

To borrow their equipment, fill in the Technical Equipment Request Form and submit it to [email protected] at least 4 weeks in advance of your event or activity. Stage Crew reserve the right to deny requests if they are too busy, or are not given enough time to plan. There's a useful FAQ on borrowing this equipment here. 

Step 3

Societies do not have to pay any costs for borrowing this equipment. You will need to state in the form, any requirements about technical help and support. Stage Crew will not lend out equipment unless they can also provide a technical assistant for the entire duration of the event, including set-up and take-down time.

Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted by Stage Crew who will let you know whether or not they can accommodate your request.

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