The winners for the Student Choice Awards have been announced!

Winners were announced at our Education Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 8 June. The Student Choice Awards are a way for students to thank an amazing member of staff, and let them know that their hard work makes a difference. Your feedback about the kind of education that works for you also means that we can work with the university on making more of the good stuff happen. Nominations for this years awards closed on 24th March 2023.

You can view this years shortlist and all staff nominated on the links below

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Awards Winners

  • Active Student Partnership

This award thanks a member of staff who’s committed to listening to and working with students and their representatives to improve and change education in their module, programme, or department.

Winner: Jean-Christophe Mauduit, Faculty of Engineering Science

  • Amazing Support Staff

This award thanks a member of staff who isn’t in a teaching role, but still makes a huge difference to your learning with their help, patience and care.

Winner: George Burridge, Faculty of Population Health Sciences

  • Brilliant Research-Based Education

This award thanks a member of staff who educates you about the latest, cutting-edge knowledge, or who enables taught students to create knowledge by conducting their own research.

Winner: Louise Cramer, Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Diverse & Inclusive Education

This award thanks a member of staff who works to make sure your curriculum or research recognises marginalised scholars, and shines a light on diverse perspectives.

Winner: Kristen Kreider, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Excellent Personal Tutoring

This award thanks a member of staff who is always there to provide you with pastoral support or academic guidance.

Winner: Jess Bailey, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

  • Exceptional Feedback

This award thanks a member of staff who provides constructive, useful feedback on your assessment and learning, helping them to progress and succeed.

Winner: Joana Jacob Ramalho, School of European Languages, Culture and Society

  • Inspiring Teaching Delivery

This award thanks a member of staff who delivers exceptional teaching, using innovative and engaging methods to hold your interest and help you to learn.

Winner: Damian Phelan, Faculty of Social and Historical Science

  • Outstanding Research Supervision

This award thanks a member of staff who helps postgraduate research students to succeed, and balances providing support and fostering independence.

Winner: Matt Fisher, Faculty of Laws

  • Sustainable Education

This award thanks a member of staff who is leading the way on embedding sustainability into the curriculum and shaping our future climate leaders.

Winner: Chris Howard, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Congratulations to all this years winners. If you were nominated for an award and would like to view the text of your nomination, where students have given permission, please contact [email protected]

Academic Rep of the Year Winners

Every year approximately 2,000 Academic Reps across UCL are responsible for hundreds of changes, big and small, that make UCL a better place. We are proud to support each and every Academic Rep who work hard to represent students' academic interests every day. The Academic Rep of the Year award was created to highlight the Academic Rep who has gone the extra mile to represent students, and has worked with staff to make student's academic experience better. 

This year we received 168 nominations for Academic Rep of the Year.

Overall Winner: Harriet Israel, IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society 

Arts & Humanities: Stanislava Dimitrova, Course Representative, Arts and Sciences BASc

Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment: Yasmin Garcia-Sterling, Faculty Representative, Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction

Faculty of Brain Sciences: Eden Nabiyou, Course Representative, Institute of Ophthalmology

Faculty of Engineering Sciences: Ari Weiler-Ofek, Course Representative, Computer Science

IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society: Harriet Israel, Faculty Representative, Psychology and Human Development

Faculty of Laws: Lukas Baumann, Course Representative, Laws

Faculty of Life Sciences: Arya Toleti, Lead Department Representative, Division of Biosciences

Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Andrea Lekare, Course Representative, Science and Technology Studies

Faculty of Medical Sciences: Marine-Oceane Verdez-Scholler, Faculty Representative, Cancer Institute

Faculty of Population Health Sciences: Dania Posso Hernandez, Course Representative, Global Business School for Health

Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences: Naomi Hampton, Lead Department Representative, Institute of the Americas

Read more about our Academic Rep of the Year Winner, Harriet, here!