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Welcome! We’re here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, to help you feel part of the UCL community and help you achieve the things you want to during your time here. We’re your route to more than 320 Clubs and Societies, countless volunteering opportunities, events, great places to eat, drink and chill in, an Advice Service when you need it, and if you want to make lasting change at UCL, we can help you do that too.

These are still unusual times and we’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store. Our priority is to Welcome you to campus, and to UCL. If you're not joining in person, we're here for you online. Events, things to do, ways to meet people. We'll help you settle in safely 🤗

We've put together info on what you can expect from us during Welcome, and where we stand on in-person teaching.

What you can expect during Welcome 2021
It feels like we’ve been waiting for this Welcome Week to arrive forever. The past year has been challenging for a hundred different reasons and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us. We’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store.
From in-person teaching, to student space. Here's where we stand
The past year has been challenging for a hundred different reasons, and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us. We’re here to make more happen, and that means making sure UCL acts&nbs


More than 300 different ways to help you settle in to life at UCL, find friends and have fun.

We’re adding events to our calendar all the time, keep an eye on our What’s On page for listings. We’ve got a huge line-up of events to help you settle in, from morning Yoga sessions to Film Screenings, Speed Friending to Boat Parties. There is something for everyone.

Events & Activities
Undergraduate Kew Gardens Trip
Are you missing nature already? Looking to escape central London? Did you know that gardens make people happy?Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 50,000 living plants to satisfy all of your botanical desires.It's definitely one to check off your London Bucket List... and return to again and again, whenever you need to reconnect with nature.
Clubs & Societies
European Society and friends Picnic Meetup
This is the European Society Picnic! This will be hosted by the UCL European Society and will in collaboration with several others societies, such as The Italian Society, The Bulgarian Society, The Hungarian Society, The German Society, The Welsh Society, The Irish Society, The Polish Society, The Swiss Society and many more! :) 
Clubs & Societies
Art Bingo at Tate Modern
Meet us outside the Tate Modern (with your free pre-booked Tate Modern Collection Route ticket) for an afternoon of art and games. We will have a photo challenge and art bingo to complete in teams. Those who complete / win the challenges are in store for a sweet surprise!Please remember to book your free ticket first from the Tate website!


Our club events will introduce you to the biggest and best venues in London. 

Pre-Event for UCL Move in Party at Ministry of Sound
Join us at Phineas for the official Move In Party @ Ministry of Sound pre-party.Everyone at Phineas will be heading down to Ministry, so get there early, get a table and start meeting other new students.Get your night off to the best possible start with £2.30 on all drinks across all venues (T&Cs apply).We'll also have our resident DJ on the decks to help get you in the mood.
Events & Activities
The Move In Party
Students’ Union UCL presents:The Move In Party, Live from Ministry of Sound, LondonThis event is part of the Nighlife Wristband. Just moved in? Alright, make sure to unpack your going out clothes because we've got an event to welcome you to campus.  
Pre-Event for Inside the House, at Phonox
Brace yourselves for the night ahead at Phineas!Pre for Inside the House, Live from Phonox, London with fellow party-goers.We have a House DJ to warm you up ready for the big event and £1.80 on selected drinks all night long!DJ - 20.00 - 23.00Free EntryPlease note that you must bring your student ID to enter the bars, and be over 18 to purchase alcohol. 

Articles & Guides

Useful tips for life at UCL

Students' Union UCL Explained

All the things you can do at the Union
We’re here to help you do more at UCL. Students are at the heart of everything we do, so much so that we’re led by seven students who are elected each year. 
What we're doing for International Students
For some students joining us from overseas, students’ unions are entirely new, but in many ways, we're more important for you in the first few weeks than we are for other new starters. As you get used to living in a new country, we’re here for you every step of the way.
Making changes at UCL
At Students’ Union UCL, you have the power. The Union is led by students like you, and you get to shape it. If you want to make a bigger, more lasting change, there are a few ways to do it.
Find your network, find your community
Moving to a completely new environment like university, especially one in the heart of London, can feel daunting as well as exciting. As you adapt to life at UCL, our Liberation Networks are here to support you.

Postgraduate Welcome

Here’s an idea for your dissertation topic…
Meet CRIS! We are the Community Research Initiative for Students and we’re here to get you the best experience possible with your dissertation.
What's it like being a Postgraduate student and working full-time?
Being a postgraduate student, in full-time employment is a different ball game. Sure, people do it all the time, but it definitely feels like trying to write 100 essays, keeping up with deadlines at work as well as trying to win the Nobel peace prize all at once - it is overwhelming. Here's how Anjora managed it all.
From undergrad to postgrad... What I would do differently
One of the main lessons I picked up from my undergrad was that a degree is more than the final grade you get; it is also the people you meet and the experiences you have...
A Postgraduate community at UCL?
As a Canadian transplant to London, starting my PhD meant so much more than adjusting to a new school, a new lab, and a new supervisor. Namely, I didn’t know anyone. It hasn’t always been easy, but after a few years and a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve found some strategies that work.

Welcome to London

Live the London (student) life
Whether you’re from Birmingham or Grantham, Shanghai or Padua, moving to London is a big step and coming to study here can seem daunting. But we’ll help you learn how to make the most of the city.
What I wish I knew before coming to London
London is mesmerising and intimidating, and coming to study here might seem daunting. That being said, moving to London can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Here are a few words of wisdom from someone who is still figuring it out.
Ten things to do as a European or International student
Unless you’ve lived here before, nothing can quite prepare you for the culture shock and fast-paced lifestyle. All this is exciting but can also be daunting for the prospective Londoner, so here are some things that you can do to prepare for a smooth transition to university. 
How to make the most of Studenthood
At an assembly in high school, I clearly remember my head of year holding out a can of dog food for everyone to see, opening it and eating a large spoonful. The hall was filled with a mixture of laughter and horrified faces...

Student Life

How to make the most of your first week at UCL
Your first week at UCL is one of the most exciting weeks of your entire UCL journey; it’s a time when you’ll be meeting new friends, making connections within your department, and exploring the city you’re about to call home. 
Clubbing Safely During Covid
If you’re starting at UCL this year, it could be the case that this is your first time out clubbing in your life. Which is very exciting! Night clubs are truly unique places, and we’re lucky enough to be in one of the best cities in the world for them. However, it always pays to take sensible and relevant precautions in these spaces.
All you need to know about Clubs and Societies
Part of the university experience is making friends, and one of the ways in which you can do this is by joining Clubs and Socieities. Before you start joining, here's all you need to know about them...
10 Ways To Make Friends At University
Staring off at university can be daunting, especially when it comes to making friends. We all worry that no one will like us or that university is so big will I really meet "my kind of people"? Being a fresher means going out of your comfort zone sometimes in order to experience all the new things ahead of you.

UCL Merch

No other way to roll into campus than with some UCL merch!

What better way to show that you’re a UCL-er than branded merch? We’ve got hoodies, T-shirts, scarves, hats, TeamUCL kit and more available at the Hanger.  It’s merch heaven!

We put every penny of profit back into your community. Every time you buy something from our shop, cafes and bars, you help us do the things we do. 

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What is Students’ Union UCL?

UCL is a huge community, and at the heart of that community is the Students’ Union. We’re here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, we’re the place where more happens. Your route to 320 Clubs and Societies, countless volunteering opportunities, events and opportunities to socialise, great places to eat, drink and chill in, an Advice Service when you need it, and if you want to make lasting change at UCL, we can help you do that too. 

We’re led by students, democratically. Students decide what we do and how we do it and 1,000’s of students are elected each year to do just that. Six students even take a year out of their studies each year and get paid to make decisions, influence UCL, and represent you. They’re called Sabbatical Officers.

We’re separate from UCL, which means, whatever happens, we’ve got your back. We’re only ever working for you

How can I make friends?

Events are one of the best ways to meet new people in the first few weeks. We’ll be running hundreds of different events in person and some online too. The in-person events, like club nights, the Welcome Fair and society socials, will help connect you with other new students and find groups to join, and our online events will help you learn about UCL and settle into your new community.

What can you help me with?

We can help you do more at UCL, but what does that mean?

Volunteer. We have a team of people here to help you find ways to volunteer (online and in-person) in the local community. An amazing way to discover London, develop skills and give back. 

Lead. We support 1,000’s of different student leaders each year. These leaders run the clubs, societies, campaigns and networks that help make our community at UCL truly special. 

Make change. We help students make change at UCL, from small changes on your course to institution-wide changes. Elected Representatives are working all year-round to make your life a UCL better.

Support. When times get tough, we’re here for you. Our Advice Service can support you with academic issues (like complaints), money issues (like debt and budgeting), housing issues (like contract checking) and lots more. We’re here for you.

Which Students’ Union facilities will be open in September?

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym will be open and ready to welcome you in September. We can’t wait to see you in these spaces again, enjoying everything we have to offer. Pizza in the Institute Bar, Pints in the Huntley, Paninis in Gordon’s Cafe, or pull-ups in Bloomsbury Fitness – we’re here for it all, including things that don’t start with ‘p’.

When you arrive, we’ll help you socialise safely. We’ve spent the last year making sure our venues and spaces work in a Covid secure way, and we’ll take everything we’ve learnt into the year ahead.

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym work a little differently to the kind you might be used to. We live by four promises; we put every penny of profit back into your community, we’re always better value than the high-street, we’ll choose planet over profit every time, and we’ll be at the centre of your campus community from start to finish.

What events are happening?

We’ll be running hundreds of different events in person and some online too. The in-person events, like club nights, the Welcome Fair and society socials, will help connect you with other new students, and our online events will help you learn about UCL and settle into your new community.

We’ll be adding events throughout the summer to our What’s On calendar.

Make sure you download the Welcome to UCL app from the App/Play store to see what events are going on at UCL.

How do you join clubs and societies?

Clubs and Societies are run by students, supported by us. They’re groups of students connected by a shared interest or passion - like K-Pop, or football. There’s a lot of groups so we’re sure you’ll find the one for you.

You can join online through our website. Have a browse through the Clubs and Societies Directory. Come along to our Welcome Fair and meet clubs and society committees and ask them about what they do.

Where can I get more info about UCL?

UCL is regularly updating its FAQ pages for new students, follow the links below for the latest information:

Keeping safe on-campus information 

General UCL FAQs

Library FAQs

Accommodation FAQs

What education will be like this academic year

I’m not getting enough face-to-face teaching, what are you doing about it?

This coming academic year we’ll keep making sure student voices are heard when decisions are made. UCL have made it clear what this year will be like, but everything we’ve learnt and everything you’ve told us over the past year has given us four clear priorities that will shape our work during the year ahead. We’ll outline these below, so you always know where we stand: 

In-person teaching is essential to the UCL experience. Seminars, labs, workshops, and small lectures should always take place in-person. 

Students need space. Clubs, societies and student groups need to be together in person and resources should be available to make this happen. 

Students should be central to decision making at UCL, in the room and able to influence plans as they’re made. 

UCL should always be there for students. If things go wrong, UCL should be ready to adapt policies, increase support and act quickly to protect students.  

We always want to hear from you about what you’re experiencing, this helps us make the case for change. Keep sharing your feedback, contact us or get in touch via social media