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We’re here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, to help you feel part of the UCL community and help you to achieve the things you want to throughout your time here. We’re your route to more than 300 Clubs and Societies, countless volunteering opportunities, events, great places to eat, drink and chill in, an Advice Service when you need it, and if you want to make lasting change at UCL, we can help you do that too.

We’ll admit, these are unusual times and we’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store. Our priority is for everyone in the UCL community to be able to make the most of their time at UCL - regardless of how they experience it.

We’ll regularly update this page with news and events but you can join the only official UCL facebook groups nowpost questions for the community to answer, find people on your course and be the first to hear about plans for September and beyond.

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Students’ Union UCL Explained

What is Students’ Union UCL?

UCL is a huge community, and at the heart of that community is the Students’ Union. We’re here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, we’re the place where more happens. Your route to 320 Clubs and Societies, countless volunteering opportunities, events and opportunities to socialise, great places to eat, drink and chill in, an Advice Service when you need it, and if you want to make lasting change at UCL, we can help you do that too. 

We’re led by students, democratically. Students decide what we do and how we do it and 1,000’s of students are elected each year to do just that. Seven students even take a year out of their studies each year and get paid to make decisions, influence UCL, and represent you. They’re called Sabbatical Officers.

We’re separate from UCL, which means, whatever happens, we’ve got your back. We’re only ever working for you

How can I make friends?

We know you’re probably anxious about making friends with the restrictions in place and fewer opportunities to meet people face to face. This year is certainly going to be different for everyone. 

Just remember, the majority of what will happen this year will be online - everyone will have the same access to these opportunities, and everyone will be in the same boat. So there’s no FOMO here. The online events we’re running are all designed to help you meet other new students. 

Remember, if you’re feeling lonely, reach out to us. We’re here for you.

What can you help me with?

We can help you do more at UCL, but what does that mean?

  • Volunteer. We have a team of people here to help you find ways to volunteer (online and in-person) in the local community. An amazing way to discover London, develop skills and give back. 
  • Lead. We support 1,000’s of different student leaders each year. These leaders run the clubs, societies, campaigns and networks that help make our community at UCL truly special. 
  • Make change. We help students make change at UCL, from small changes on your course to institution-wide changes. Elected Representatives are working all year-round to make your life a UCL better.
  • Support. When times get tough, we’re here for you. Our Advice Service can support you with academic issues (like complaints), money issues (like debt and budgeting), housing issues (like contract checking) and lots more. We’re here for you.
Which Students’ Union facilities will be open?

With the new UK restrictions, the only in-person services we’re offering is Gordon’s Cafe which will be offering takeaway meals. 

Since March our services have been running remotely, and that’s set to continue this term. Advice, volunteering, clubs and society support, and everything else is currently running remotely. Our teams are all available on the phone, on MS Teams and email.

Will there be any in-person events?

So far, no. With the guidelines announced this week, we won’t be able to carry out any in-person events. This year, our approach has been online first and we’ll be continuing with this. Our student groups (clubs and societies) will be taking an online first approach too, along with our other services like volunteering and advice. 

Make sure you download the Welcome to UCL app from the App/Play store to see what events are going on at UCL.

How do you join clubs and societies?

Clubs and Societies are run by students, supported by us. They’re groups of students connected by a shared interest or passion - like K-Pop, or football. There’s a lot of groups so we’re sure you’ll find the one for you.

You can join online through our website. Have a browse through the Clubs and Societies Directory, come along to our Digital Welcome Fair and meet clubs and society committees and ask them about what they do. Then, after you’ve made your decision, you join with a free remote membership. 

What is remote membership? Since we aren’t having in-person events, you can now join with free Remote Memberships. With a Remote Membership you’ll be able to take part in all of the online events run by the club or society, you’ll also be added to their mailing list. When you are able to join in-person, you can upgrade to a full-membership for a small joining fee.

What will my welcome to UCL look like?

Yes, we’ve got a few things happening online to welcome you back/ to campus. Here’s a few to look out for: 

But you can see a full list of our events here. 

Where can I get more info about UCL

UCL is regularly updating it’s FAQ pages for new students, follow the links below for the latest information: