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How to Start your Sustainable Career whilst at UCL
06/10/2023 | 13:00 - 14:00
Sign up to this Sector Insight Event to learn more about the sustainability industry.Sustainability is a hot topic. Increasingly, more employers are looking for students with sustainability skills and literacy. And not just in environmentally focused jobs, but in engineering, retail, urban planning and many more! There is a huge range of opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.


"It feels like we are doing something useful for the environment..."
Nuzulia is a postgraduate student doing an Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc at the Barlett School of Energy and Environmental Resources.
Sustainability and Volunteering: Westminster
Sustainability plays a key role in the development of communities. Voluntary organisations make a vital contribution to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of their communities, and the volunteers that work with them are at the heart of this effort.
"I feel like volunteering gives you a sense of achievement and enjoyment"
Daisy is a second year Psychology student, and she has been doing an amazing job as Project Leader for the #Zero Food Waste SLP, winner for the Student Led Project of the Year award!
Sustainability and Volunteering: Islington
Sustainability plays a key role in the development of communities, and volunteering is a vital way through which social and environmental sustainability goals can be achieved.

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As the representative body of present and future UCL students, the Students’ Union is uniquely positioned to lead by example through embracing sustainability in all aspects of its work and service provision, educating its members about the dangers of climate change and the urgent need for action to protect the planet, and influencing UCL to accelerate its work to be a truly sustainable university.