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Welcome 2022: Sustainability Fair
Want to learn about UCL's zero-carbon Sports Clubs? Perhaps you'd like to talk to some of our passionate Animal Rights Activists? Do you think UCL should have a 'Bike Library' to make cycling to University more accessible? We have it all at the Sustainability Fair!
Events & Activities
Cycle Cinema
Join us to power the big screen by bike on the Main Quad to close the Welcome 2022 Sustainability Day.Get active, engage in sustainability, and enjoy an evening of entertainment. There will be 150 deckchairs available on the night and you are also welcome to the benches and chairs around the Main Quad.We are still working on confirming the film for the night for you - watch this space!


The Union awarded at UCL Sustainability Awards 2022
Our journey to become the UK's most sustainable students' union, matching sector-leading sustainability ambitions of the university, has been recognised with the Award for Outstanding Sustainability Plan at UCL 10th Sustainability Awards cer
Fairtrade Award 2022
What is the Fairtrade Award?The Fairtrade website runs with the mantra ‘choose the world you want’. This simple phrase is pertinent to all the decisions we make as individuals and, of course, those we make as a world leading university.
SDG#13 Climate Action, #14 Life below Water, and #15 Life on Land
The sustainable development goals are for people and planet and June is all about the planet. The Earth sustains us through maintaining a fragile and delicate balance between life on land, below water, and human activity.
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossible
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossibleSustainable UCL has organised the 28 Days of Sustainability campaign to draw atten

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As the representative body of present and future UCL students, the Students’ Union is uniquely positioned to lead by example through embracing sustainability in all aspects of its work and service provision, educating its members about the dangers of climate change and the urgent need for action to protect the planet, and influencing UCL to accelerate its work to be a truly sustainable university.