Our financial support is designed to be additional to UCL’s core hardship support. We aim to support students who, for whatever reason, cannot access UCL support but are in financial need - preventing them from continuing or completing their studies, or from taking part in student activities.

Funding and Financial Advice

UCL Financial Assistance Funds

As a first step, students should always apply to the UCL Financial Assistance Funds, or other relevant UCL hardship support. Follow the links below to fund relevant to you:

Students' Union Hardship Fund

The Sarah Douglas Hardship Fund provides support if you cannot access UCL's Financial Assistance Fund but are in financial need.

Additional Students' Union Funds

Emergency Cash

Short-term loans and emergency cash is available via the links below.

We have been able to extend our work on student hardship and financial support this year due to an additional grant from UCL for which we are very grateful.