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There are two methods for sourcing training facilities: You can either find a suitable facility yourself, paying for it from your Club account, or you can apply to use Student's Union UCL sports facilities, which are centrally funded and therefore available for use at no extra cost. Please note that priority on these spaces will be given to clubs that require them for core activity and show maximum engagement with us.


Union Facilities

At the start of the year we will produce facility timetables for Somers Town, Bloomsbury Fitness Mandela Studio & Bloomsbury Fitness Multi-purpose room. For the 22-23 Season, we will generate this from your facility requests submitted via the Facility Space Webform (sent to all Presidents).

External Facilities

Your club can also hire external facilities.

If you have been granted money for external hire, this should be used towards paying for the hire. If needed, you can supplement your grant funding with non-grant income to help cover costs.  If you have not been granted any funding for facility hire then you will need to fund external hire through your non-grant account.

Facility grant allocations are sent out after clubs have registered their intention to book external facilities and informed us of how much they will require in order to run their core activity.

Step 1

To book and pay for an external facility you should first contact the facility to check availability and the terms and conditions of hire. Club training is generally held during Terms 1 and 2, often excluding reading weeks, but this will vary by sport and its competitive season. 

Step 2

If you wish to continue with the booking, fill in the facility's booking form.

The booking should be made in the name of your Club (e.g., Team UCL RUMS Tennis Club c/o Student's Union UCL Finance, 25 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AY).

Step 3

Your president or treasurer should submit this booking form and/or booking contract signed by the third party, through the Club and Society Contract Webform along with a Purchase Request Form.

The contract will be checked by the Activities and Finance teams and then signed off by the Activities Officer.

Your club treasurer will receive confirmation once the booking has been confirmed and paid for.

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