Club and Society Elections

Every year hundreds of committee positions are contested for our 400+ clubs and societies. Whether you want to run as a candidate or discover more about the process, find everything you need on this page.

When are committee positions elected?
Every year all clubs and societies elect their committee for the upcoming year as part of the Leadership Race. This year we had 3318 candidates across 2977 club and society positions! Positions that are left vacant must be filled during a by-election.

The next by-election is Term 3!

Committee webform deadline: 24 April
Nominations open: 29 April - 15 May
Voting: 20 - 24 May

Who will be elected?
The current committee will inform us of all the positions your club or society have up for election and members of the group will then be able to nominate themselves.

How do I run?
When you click on the nomination link you'll see all of the positions you're eligible to nominate yourself for. Add in your details - providing a photo and a manifesto always helps - and then you're all set. Please read the Election Rules to find out more about how you can campaign.

How to request an exception to the 28 Day Rule

Follow our instructions to submit an exception request here.

How to make a complaint

For any complaint concerning club and society elections, please use this form.

For any complaint concerning the Union elections, please use this form. Find the elections rules here. Don't forget these are slightly different to Club & Society Election Rules above.