Priorities for the Provost: ONE

Prioritise personalised teaching and extra-curricular activity post-pandemic.

Face-to-face teaching should return as soon as possible as we recover from the pandemic, whilst the many benefits of digital teaching are retained. There should be a focus on a quick return to face-to-face social and extra-curricular activity, as well as necessary support to expand and grow participation in these areas.

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Priorities for the Provost: SEVEN

End the mental health crisis at our University with more funding to help students succeed.

The pandemic has continued to exacerbate a growing crisis in mental health at UCL. UCL needs to increase the provision of mental health support services so that more students can find the support they need. We want to work with UCL to make our university the very best at supporting students.

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Priorities for the Provost: FIVE

Increase the financial support available to postgraduate taught and research students.

Our postgraduate community needs more support. We need to improve pay and conditions for PGTAs, increase the monthly stipend of PhD studentships and remove application fees for Master’s programmes.

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