Priorities for the Provost: THREE

Tackle the structural inequalities at UCL and ensure that our university is truly diverse and inclusive.

Continue the work to make UCL more inclusive, decolonise its curriculum and estate, improve the diversity of professors, lecturers and postgraduates who teach, improve the accessibility of the campus for disabled students, and support our LGBTQ+ students and staff.

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Priorities for the Provost: SEVEN

End the mental health crisis at our University with more funding to help students succeed.

The pandemic has continued to exacerbate a growing crisis in mental health at UCL. UCL needs to increase the provision of mental health support services so that more students can find the support they need. We want to work with UCL to make our university the very best at supporting students.

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Priorities for the Provost: EIGHT

Help us make UCL’s campuses the place where more happens.

Help us make more happen, by creating more high-quality spaces and facilities for students. Support to the creation of more student-led social, sporting and extracurricular activity space, more academic space, especially within faculties, and work in partnership with us to build campuses befitting UCL’s international standing.

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