Life isn’t always easy but we’re always here to give you support and advice when you need us. We’re in your corner when you need us.

We specialise in advice on four main areas of student life. Have a look through our guides below.


Ongoing support to help improve your reading, writing and well-being.

At UCL, there is lots of support available throughout your studies. We run a series of programmes designed to help you navigate different aspects of university life, from managing stess and anxiety, to improving English writing and reading for non-native English speakers.

Our Language + Writing Support programme is designed to help non-native English speaking students with their academic writing and speaking. Our Peer Tutors run several different types of free activities to help you with your written and spoken English, including a regular programme of workshops, one-to-one sessions and 'Coffee and Conversation' which is a weekly opportunity to get together and practice your spoken English with other students.


London is a big metropolitan city and unfortunately, that can sometimes come with risks. Whilst we hope you won’t need the resources in this section, it’s important that you know how to stay safe and what to do if anything does happen that threatens your personal safety. 

Late nights at the library, club and society events and a thriving bar scene - there are lots of reasons why you might find yourself having to travel home at night. Here’s some tips for getting home safely.

It’s important to protect yourself from scams and fraud whilst studying. We’ve therefore compiled a list of steps you can take keep your money and personal details safe.

The Students’ Union has a zero tolerance stance to any kind of sexual harassment. If you have experienced sexual violence, these services are on hand to provide support and advice.

There has unfortunately been a rise of reports of drinks spiking during the last year. Here are some tips on how to recognise the signs your drink has been spiked and how to help someone you suspect has been a victim.

UCL also has an extensive list of useful information for staying safe in and around UCL, as well as staff members working to tackle crime on campus.

Find help

We're here when you need us

There is lots of support available at UCL ready when you need it. Our friendly, professionally trained advisors can help you navigate the different options available. They're experts in housing, money, academic and employment issues. They're also the people to turn to when you just don't know what to do. Book in time to chat to an advisor.

If you need counselling support, UCL's Student Psychological and Counselling Services provides free short-term counselling, single session therapy, psychiatric support and group workshops to help you manage a range of personal, emotional and psychological concerns.