We are creating a programme of workshops, webinars, 1-2-1 coaching sessions, blog posts, articles and social media content to support all UCL students to improve their financial literacy. We want to help students avoid money problems by preparing and planning, and to manage any problems that do arise before they reach crisis point.

Activities will cover key financial education topics such as:

  • Funding studies
  • Banking and Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Bills
  • Credit and Managing Debt

The programme will be facilitated by our specialist Money and Budgeting Advisors.

Please keep an eye on this page. We will publish more information about our activities and how to get involved throughout the year.


  • 76% of students worry about making ends meet
  • 1 in 10 have never budgeted
  • 74% wish they’d had a better financial education

UCL estimates essential living costs to be between £261 to £327 per week, not including tuition, depending on level of study and accommodation type. However, a quarter of students report having just under £12 per week to live off. As a result, many students say they're unable to afford basic items including textbooks (23%) and food, with half (49%) reporting skipping a meal and 5% reporting using a food bank.

Previously the Advice Service has run budgeting workshops and general advice on budgeting and manging income. This programme will expand and grow the money advice and support offered to all our members in a variety of ways.


The Money Charity - The Student Money Manual
The Student Money Manual is a beginner’s guide to looking after your money at university and includes interactive exercises to build a budget.

Save The Student Budgeting Planner
Student-focussed budgeting plan with printable budget sheet.

Money Saving Expert - Students
Guides and tools to help you save money while studying.

Citizens Advice Debt and Money
Wide variety of information about money, debt, mortgage arrears, rent payments, banking, borrowing and pensions.

Money Advice Service Budget Planner 
A comprehensive online budgeting tool, with guidance, that you can save and return to later.  

National Debtline 
Similar to Money Advice Service but the National Debtline tool gives you the option to print a budget out and fill in if you prefer.