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We've updated our process! Rosa is no more... all travel reclaims will be processed through the main website.

Step 1: Getting your captain access

Only the presidents, treasurers and captains will have the website access to create travel reclaim fixtures. If you do not have access, your president or treasurer will need to add you as a captain of your club. 

  1. On the main website go to your Club page
  2. Go to the Captains tab and click "Add captain"
  3. Enter the details and save.

Step 2: Create your fixture on Rosa (Captains)

Please do this ASAP following the conclusion of your fixture.

Step 3: Request your travel expense 


As a captain, not only do you submit your own travel expense, but you must also approve it and all those of your team members.

Approving/rejecting travel reclaims

If activities reject any travel claims: 

  1. Review the rejection comments made and make sure your team member resubmits with the relevant corrections. 
  2. As captain, approve (or reject) the new travel claim and check that the corrections have been applied.
  3. Lock fixture once more to send to activities. Activities will not receive your travel claim until this done.


What we reimburse

Public Transport:

The majority of fixtures will be accessible via public transport.

  • We will cover the cost of the most direct form of travel from UCL to the venue of your fixture. If you travel from home, you can still claim reimbursement but this must be at the cost of travel from UCL. More expensive routes will not be covered.
  • We will reimburse at the price of a 16-25 Railcard (all students are entitled to this!). If you do not have a Railcard, you can still reclaim but you must request the Railcard cost.


Reclaiming fuel must be requested in advance and will only be authorised in extreme circumstances as we aim to reduce carbon emissions where possible. Please email the Sports Administrator to request fuel cost reimbursement.


The cost of taxis/Ubers will also only be covered upon pre-authorisation for extreme circumstances as this should rarely be needed. Please email the Sports Administrator if you wish to reclaim taxi costs.

Medical Placement Students:

We understand that a number of students will be on medical placements and we want to facilitate your attendance to fixtures. Please contact your captain/sports administrator with your placement details if you will be driving and we will add you to our list to accept fuel expenses.

All players must upload their travel expenses evidence (e.g., a receipt of purchase or train ticket) within 28 days of the fixture. If the deadline is missed, reclaims will have to be from club accounts, which can be completed through your president/treasurer via a payment request form.

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