What is the offer here?

Many organisations ask us for support with different aspects of research, from advice about data collection and what are the best measurement scales to use, to help with data collection itself. But all research projects start with a plan or a brief and that is what this clinic is focused on - supporting you to write up a project brief for research that will benefit the work you do or the wider sector.

What will happen on the day?

You will have a 90-minute appointment with a small group of trained PhD students. They will have been trained by the research consultancy company, Kohlrabi Consulting and you will be their first client! You can choose whether you want to do this as an online appointment or in person and for in person appointments, you can choose whether this is at your place of work or at UCL.

There will be a project brief template supplied, which you are welcome to continue to use beyond the clinic if you find it useful.

As a group, you will work through a set of questions deliberately design to probe and make you reflect on what you do, what different you think it makes, and what you need to measure to show that difference!

What will I get at the end of it?

You will have a written project brief - or maybe more!

Is this right for me?

This clinic suits organisations that have started thinking about evaluating what they do or have thought about broader knowledge that would help shape a service or get funding.

What would be the next steps?

You can take your project brief back to your team and develop further. Ultimately, our aim is that you get this research project actually carried out! Therefore, we have designed the brief so that it matches our Community Noticeboard. You can therefore post your brief on the Noticeboard in the month after the clinic. The Noticeboard goes live to students at the start of December.

Of course, we cannot guarantee the right student will come along. If, by March, you have no student connections, we will work with you to breakdown the project brief into smaller volunteering opportunities and advertise these to other students for summer volunteering positions.