Everyone loves room bookings, right? 

No, we thought not. 

But it is a necessary evil, and to soften the blow, we've done our best to outline the different kinds of bookings you might need to make and provided some guidance how to make them with as little difficulty as possible. 

Book rooms at

Need to know

Club and society presidents may book our rooms from the beginning of each term. This includes dedicated spaces for clubs and societies in the Bloomsbury Theatre Building and the Lewis Building. We also have some limited access to UCL spaces (such as the Main Quad Pop-Ups) which can be booked for club and society activities. Presidents and treasurers will be able to book these rooms through our Ad Hoc Booking Form.

If you have a block booking and something isn't right, or you'd like to amend some dates, please contact the Student Activities Team via email or phone on 020 7679 7239. If you are a member of UCL Staff and wish to enquire about booking space with the Union, please contact the Student Activities Reception to discuss in more detail. Please be sure to check all room bookings in advance throughout the term as each week's timetable can vary for operational reasons.

Any issues with room bookings should be reported to the Student Activities Reception.

If you do not turn up, damage a room or leave a room in a poor state, or are late for 3 bookings you will lose any future bookings for a full academic term.

Access and Equality at our Events

UCL's general expectation is that any event or meeting held in UCL premises will be open to all, regardless of gender. There are exceptions to this (for example training sessions of men's and women's sports clubs), but events should be open to all unless they are specifically designed for one gender or another.

There should be no enforced segregation by gender at events. Pre-allocation of seats by gender, and the use of stewards to direct persons attending a meeting to gender segregated seating are not acceptable.

It is acceptable for individuals attending events to choose to sit with members of their own gender. If individuals attending an event wish to segregate themselves on a voluntary basis, it is not acceptable for other members of the audience to compel them to mix, and to do so may constitute harassment.

External Speakers

If you are planning to have an external speaker at your booking, you must submit an External Speaker Request Form at least 10 working days in advance of the event. If this deadline is not met, we reserve the right to cancel your event.

All external speakers must be given our Briefing for External Speakers to read before they attend any Union events.

For further information on our external speaker policy and freedom of speech on campus please read our how-to-guide