Project Active offers UCL students a wide range of beginner friendly opportunities to be active, try something new, meet new people, have fun and be healthy!

What are the benefits of working with Project Active?

There are a number of benefits that arise from running a Project Active event, including:

  • Engaging more students in your activity and reaching a wider audience for your club
  • Support with organising activity to help society members to be more physically active
  • Increasing awareness, membership, and participation opportunities  
  • Engaging with specific student groups i.e. females or students with a disability. 
  • Staff support                             

What do I do next?

Events/activities should fit into the overall objectives of Project Active

  • To encourage more students to take part in physical activity,
  • To engage with hard to reach groups i.e. non-active students, females, post-graduates and students with a disability. 

Once your proposal has been submitted we will be in touch to discuss and refine the details. 

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on your activity/event proposal please contact Lilley Kennedy

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