What is the Student Sustainability Forum?

The Student Sustainability Forum, set up in 2019, is an initiative co-managed by the Students’ Union UCL and Sustainable UCL.  It is one of the priority actions in the 2019–2024 Sustainability Strategy.  The idea is for students to develop practical sustainability solutions with staff across the university so that positive changes can be made.  It serves as a platform for students to bring in their ideas and concerns around sustainability into our university’s plans, projects and visions.      

Throughout the years, the Student Sustainability Forum (previously known as Council) has made significant contributions to promote students’ sustainability awareness and engagement.  Nevertheless, the participation rate was low in some of the meetings. The current Forum format allows all students to participate.  

How do I join?

Each Forum is open to all students. All meetings for 2023-24 academic year have now happened. Please check back in next academic year!

How does it work?

Throughout the year, multiple Forums will be held, each one unique based on the theme tackled - these can include university operations, food on campus, or education for sustainability to name a few. Every time, interested students will have the opportunity to join.

Previous Sustainability Council meetings

Students call for ambitious and meaningful sustainability plan for UCL
In the most recent Student Sustainability Forum, students had the opportunity to meet UCL's senior sustainability management and weigh in on key priorities of the new UCL Sustainability Plan.
COP28 Sustainability Forum Calls for Urgent Climate Action
At the COP28 Student Sustainability Forum, students came together with the UCL COP28 team to discuss what action needs to be taken to go further and faster, in the race to net zero.
4th Sustainability Council (18 April 2023) - Waste
The final Student Sustainability Council session of this academic year took place on 18 April 2023 in a hybrid format.
3rd Sustainability Council (24 January 2023) - Education for Sustainable Development
The third Student Sustainability Council session took place on 24 January 2023 in a hybrid format.