Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens
The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens is an umbrella group of Friends and other organisations that support or manage the many historic squares and gardens in Bloomsbury. It aims to encourage visitors and residents to appreciate and enjoy this ‘community of squares’ by providing a central point for information and news about the gardens, and any events and activities that are taking…
Idea for research
Idea for research
To investigate ways of ‘joining up’ the large green spaces in Bloomsbury with smaller pockets of greenery and in any other way (e.g. perhaps pavement-marked walking routes). This could link in with work being undertaken with UCL/UoL at present but would focus specifically on areas around the gardens.
Impact of idea
A practical, specific and ‘small-is-beautiful’ plan (rather than a grand idea) would give the gardens a blueprint for extending their ‘reach’ to local streets and encouraging businesses to get involved in Green Bloomsbury (NB not Wild Bloomsbury, an inappropriate title for such a heritage-listed area)
Application process
Application criteria