Join the diverse community of Edukeeners in their pursuit of knowledge-sharing and innovative thinking in the field of education! 

We are a community of likeminded people, run by postgrads, that aims to provide support to its members, complement their studies through discussions and foster innovative thinking within the vast and complex field of education. Above all else we value diversity of thought and the opportunity to learn from each other’s personal and professional experiences in education

The Edukeeners community boasts membership from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, which has helped foster stimulating and inspiring debates. So, regardless of whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, studying a degree related to education or not, we encourage all those with dreams of building a better tomorrow through the transformative power of education to join. 

In our first year we reached an emailing list of over 90 members, ran a total of 30 meet-ups, 4 socials, 4 Fireside Chats with our lecturers and 2 Knowledge Transfer Sessions. Last year we also partnered with 'Designing Education', a UCL ChangeMakers project, to run workshops and create a 'toolkit for innovative thinking in education' (to be published in 2021/22). Additionally, we also invited Prof Lasfer Meziane, lecturer at City University, to run a series of dissertation workshops for us from an economics perspective.

This year we are aiming to ensure that the society continues to be run by postgraduate students, that it provides even more opportunities for developing innovative thinking and that it connects its members even more with networks and experts outside its group. 

Here are some of our current and planned activities going forward: 

  • Regular Meet-ups – the main forum where members have weekly catch-ups, discuss topics of interest in education and learn from one another through sharing of personal and professional experiences. 
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions – where Edukeeners, faculty members and external speakers will be zooming in on an issue and share their knowledge and wisdom with other fellow Edukeeners. Sessions so far covered topics such as blended learning during Covid (by Emma Langridge, Lee Blowers and Graeme Austin - see recording) and child development (by Darron Edwards). 
  • Fireside Chats - where students can have a casual conversation with their faculty members. To date we welcomed guests such as Dr Russel Smith, Dr Natasha Kersh, Dr. Katya Saville and Dr Jeremy Hayward.
  • Mingling Events – we can't build a community without having a little bit of fun so we are also running seasonal socials and other networking events. 

Here’s what some of our founding members had to say about being an Edukeener:  

“Being a member of Edukeeners, I always felt so lucky to be surrounded by incredible, passionate companions, exploring aims and purposes of Education together. (Yemeng) 

Joining the Edukeeners has been a very positive part of my university experience, providing both a platform to discuss ideas surrounding education and a community to connect with peers. (Esha) 

Edukeeners has been a life saver for me as part of the 2020 Covid Cohort. It has provided me with the opportunity to learn from and with my peers in a way that has really enhanced my enjoyment and understanding of my degree.” (Ruby) 

“I wouldn't have gotten through last term without having found the Edukeeners! Both my modules were asynchronous and I was having a lot of trouble absorbing any of the information without exchanging ideas with others. It's been lovely finding this community.” (Fareeda) 

Edukeeners society is a hugely welcoming community. It has been invaluable to discuss theories and practice with educational professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds. Join us! (Lee) 

Feel free to get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you wish to run a joint session on the intersection between your topic of interest and the field of education (for example, EdTech, Psychology or Behavioral Science, etc. – the sky’s the limit!).  

Head image creator: DrAfter123 | Credit: Getty Images