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Opportunity: Saturday School Volunteer

To support and mentor children with their English and Maths, Homework, to develop their reading skills, help them gain self-confidence and improve their future prospects.

The programme aims to raise the aspirations of young people and adult learning in the community by providing them with the opportunity to learn and broaden their knowledge by providing one-to-one support for a child, adult and families.

Opportunity: Digital Champion

To assist residents with basic computer skills, creating documents, carrying out online searches, creating email accounts and understanding relevant safety + security clients.

Opportunity: Italian Teacher Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to teach Italian as part of our Activities & Events programme. This project supports older people at risk of social isolation by bringing them together to learn a new skill.

Opportunity: Adult Literacy Project

To help people develop their English language literacy skills through 1-1 weekly sessions.

Opportunity: iPad Workshop Assistant

To work with the tutor to help older people get online, build their confidence and discover all the amazing things technology has to offer them