How do I join the gym?

As a new member, you can pay via this website. You will receive a confirmation email after purchase, please come in person to activate your membership within 7 days.

You can also come and see us in the gym and sign up and pay for your membership here.

If you are already a registered user/member (including day members) at the gym and want to renew or upgrade your membership, please come to the Bloomsbury Fitness reception and we’ll get you going again in no time. 

I've purchased my membership online, how do I activate it?

To activate your membership please head to the reception desk of the gym on Level 3 of the Bloomsbury building within 7 days of purchase, where a member of our reception team will be able to assist you.

Can I trial the gym before joining?

We are very happy to give you a gym tour and show you around. Just head to reception and we’ll get this sorted for you. If you’d like to try the equipment or a class you can purchase a day pass from £6.00 (dependent on student status). You can do this at the reception desk at the gym.

How do I find out what my membership number is?

Please use this link to set up your online account or contact the reception team on 020 7679 7221

Can I get a Direct Debit membership without a UK Bank Account?

Sadly our rolling memberships are only compatible with UK Bank Accounts - for more information on opening a UK account please visit the UCL guidance page via this link.

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

Please do this online by completing this form.

Please cancel your Direct Debit at least 5 working days before your next payment is due. All Direct Debit payments are collected on the 1st of each month. Late cancellations will not be refunded

How do I book a class?

Our fitness classes are all included in our memberships and you are not limited to how many you can do. To view the timetable all you need to do is download our app. If you then Sign in/ Create an account you can book your spot up to one week ahead of a class!

The app is also a great way to keep up to date with the latest news at Bloomsbury Fitness.

Are there situations where Bloomsbury Fitness may have to unexpectedly close?

Occasionally we may have to close our facilities or amend our opening hours, to prioritise the health and safety of our members. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to:

»   High temperature or humidity

»   High winds or storms

»   Flooding

»   Drought

In such situations, we will be guided on the following advice when deciding on whether to close the facility:

»   Government health guidelines (red health warnings)

»   Government transport guidelines (e.g., advice not to travel due to weather conditions)

»   Met Office weather warnings (where dangerous weather is expected)

»   UCL safety services advice

»   Where any weather effects may conflict with the Bloomsbury Fitness risk assessment

In the event of these extreme occasions, we will notify all members via email, update our website and post on social media with any changes to opening hours.

What are 'Quiet Hours'?

Quiet Hours in Bloomsbury Fitness are returning for the 2023-24 academic year. Since the scheme’s introduction in 2021, Bloomsbury Fitness has become a more accessible space for members that prefer a quieter environment. We hope that the times and days will provide a wider number of members with access to the gym. If you have any feedback on quiet hours, please speak to a member of staff.

Quiet Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 11am, and Saturday and Sunday 10:30am to 12noon (midday).

What do Quiet Hours look like?

» No loud music over the fitness suite speakers;

» Turning off of all public TV screens within the fitness suites;

» Avoidance of public announcements (unless there is an emergency);

» A polite request that all fitness users work out as quietly and respectively as possible.

Can non-members use the gym?

Non-members are free to use the gym! You will need to head to reception where a member of staff will add you to our system. You will then be able to purchase a day pass from £6.00 (dependent on student status) and/or hire squash courts after this as well.

How do I submit a complaint?

We want all of our members, customers and everyone who deals with Students’ Union UCL to be happy with their experience. However, if things do go wrong, we want you to be able to let us know.

How do I leave feedback about the service?

We want to hear from you on ways in which we can improve our service. Feedback helps us to identify areas in which we can do better.

Please submit feedback to the team at [email protected]

What should I do if I forget something at the gym?

Our team will keep lost property found in the gym for 2 weeks except spoiled/ unhygienic items (damp/wet towels, sweaty/ unhygienic clothes, food items) which will be disposed immediately. To claim it members must visit our reception and provide a detailed description of the item.

Other items of high value (electronic items or jewellery) will be kept for 4 weeks. To claim these items members will need to visit our reception and unlock the items when possible or provide other form of identification.

All the unclaimed items will be disposed or destroyed following UCL data protection regulations after this period.

Bloomsbury Fitness does not accept responsibility for personal private property whilst on the premises. Please leave your personal belongings safely locked in the lockers provided in the gym.

Women's only hours

Why are we doing women's only hours?

We want to get more women involved in physical activity and break down any barriers that may be stopping our members from being active! 

When a service is dominated by one gender it can act as a barrier that prevents others from accessing local facilities that should be open to all.

There are also religious and cultural factors to consider. Some women are simply prohibited to expose too much of their bodies to men.

I have paid for access to the gym but I’m not allowed in for time I have paid for? 

We are reducing access for men two hours a week and adding two hours for women only sessions outside of the gym’s normal opening hours.

Why don't we have men's-only sessions?

Currently women are not accessing the gym as much as their fellow students, we want to take action to make women feel comfortable in the gym. One of the best ways to do this is to have women only gym sessions.

Unfortunately In three years the Everyday Sexism Project has received a whopping 984 testimonies from women writing about their experiences of sexism, harassment and assault at the gym. This is a reality for a lot of our members and these sessions go a long way to making women feel confident in using the gym.

What about trans and non-binary students?

We trust students to use the facilities that best fit their identity and will do everything we can to create an inclusive environment for all students.

If you’re not a member of the gym already, your first women only session is completely free, all women only gym sessions thereafter are £4 and include a free Project Active class.

Changing Facilities

Do I need a padlock for the lockers?

Our new lockers are fitted with keypads that are easy to use and mean you don't need a padlock or a coin - instructions are on the back of the locker doors, however should you need further help simply ask a member of staff..

Where can I get changed?

Bloomsbury Fitness has newly refurbished gendered changing rooms with showers and lockers, however if you would prefer an alternative or gender-neutral space please visit UCL facilities guide here as well as here.

UNIversal gym membership

What is the UNIversal gym scheme?

UNIversal gym scheme allows you to access other university gym facilities when you purchase a membership at your university of study or work. You can find out more information on the UNIversal gym membership website here.

Where can I find out what facilities I can access?

All universities are offering access to their gym facilities. Some universities also offer access to classes and swimming facilities. It is your responsibility to check the availability before visiting another university gym. Universities are able to place restrictions on using their facilities depending on visitor usage. 

You can find out more information on the BUCS website.

Do I have to purchase membership from my own University?

Yes, to be a part of this membership scheme and benefit from using over 100 gym sites, you have to purchase your annual membership from the University which you study/work at.

Who is the UNIversal gym scheme open to?

Currently the scheme is for students and staff who purchase memberships at their University study/work. If you are a non UCL student and you purchase a membership with us, you will not be eligible for this scheme. 

Why does my UNIversal gym membership card expire on 31 August?

Once the new term starts of the next academic year, you can collect your new UNIversal membership card from the gym reception desk.