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Funder: ERASMUS+

Total award: £299,000

Timeline: 01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023

The HEIDI project aims to reposition universities more centrally, as co-creators of knowledge, for social change. This is in response to the traditional models of knowledge creation and dissemination being increasingly challenged by bottom-up, community-driven action. Project priorities include innovative digital action, fostering civic engagement, and tackling skills gaps and mismatches.

An ambitious programme of work will develop the skills of university staff and students and create frameworks for civic engagement between universities and voluntary sector and civic society organisations.


Our involvement

Positive social change, civic engagement, and the co-creation of knowledge between UCL and its local communities is at the centre of the community research initiative. We are therefore contributing to HEDI objectives 4 & 5: developing digital skills of students and staff and addressing the needs and requirements for digital action of community groups.

We will host round table discussions with key stakeholder groups.

Our colleagues

We are really excited to be working with colleagues across Europe and sectors, from the non-Governmental organisation Citizens in Power in Cyprus and Web2Learn, a small-to-medium sized enterprise in Greece, to the Universities of Paris and Malta.

Wendy Mifsud, University of Malta

Ariel Lindner, Universite de Paris, CRI


Not to mention the exciting new colleagues from UCL itself!