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Opportunity: Legal Affairs Intern

An opportunity for a law student or graduate to take up a place in a small charity working with refugees and migrants in the UK. The successful applicant will become the Legal Team Leader and be responsible for the running of the ACAA’s free bi-monthly legal clinic, alongside other volunteer tasks. This role would particularly suit a law graduate with an interest in family and immigration law.

Opportunity: Gateway Assistant Volunteer

To help us with handling of enquiries and calls from people in need, collect important pieces of monitoring, and assist our caseworkers with appointments.

Opportunity: Regional Outreach Group Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help organising our monthly AJR Regional Group Meetings all around London.

The network of regional groups offer our members, who often have no surviving family and can find themselves to be very lonely, a unique opportunity to socialise and share their experiences. It is at such gatherings that many old friends have been re-united after more than 60 years. Since its inception, the outreach programme has enabled the AJR to identify and help many new members throughout.

We need volunteers to help with refreshments and contribute to the nice and cosy atmosphere. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to attend a social get-together with people from a similar background. They have a cup of tea together, listen to interesting speakers and have a chat.

Opportunity: Assistant Wellbeing Co-ordinator

* To assist the Wellbeing Service co-ordinator to provide assessments and targeted short term interventions, action and support planning, advocacy and pathways to other services, activities programmes, and wellness groups.

Opportunity: IT Learning and Development Coach

All of life’s activities - including job seeking, accessing and managing benefits and housing - take place online. Clients without IT skills are hugely disadvantaged. This role provides clients with either no or little experience with computers with one-to-one support, helping them to overcome initial fears or learning barriers. With increasing confidence, they can access the Learning and Employment Hub independently. The service helps those clients seeking to address digital skills gaps and improve their confidence in order to increase their employability and household income potential.

Opportunity: Educational Mentoring

Young refugees can face many barriers in achieving their full academic potential, including lack of English, moving from school to school, different teaching styles to those they have experienced before, and the asylum process itself. The educational mentoring project provides a young refugee or migrant with a structured supportive relationship; they have one to one time with an adult each week to work on academic development. The project aims to improve educational attainment, improve fluency in oral, spoken and written English and to increase the young person*s confidence and self-esteem.

Opportunity: Computer Assistance for Holocaust Survivors and Refugees

The aim of this role is to assist Holocaust survivors and refugees with their computers. Many AJR members would like to learn how to use a computer to keep in touch with family and friends abroad or generally learn how to use websites such as Google, Google Maps, read online newspapers and generally browse the internet.

Some of our members have computers and iPads but struggle to use them. We are looking for enthusiastic, patient and friendly volunteers to assist and tutor our members from in sending emails, using Skype, navigating Google maps and playing online games. The volunteering takes place at the AJR member’s house.

Opportunity: Volunteer/Placement Student

HCCT is a secular charity working to promote the inclusion of socially isolated and marginalized individuals. From the Camden Hub in Swiss Cottage we run a range of different services that*ll give you valuable, front-line, hands-on experience working with a diverse client group and the opportunity to give back to your community.

Opportunity: Individual Befriending

We are looking for volunteers to visit elderly AJR members who are refugees and survivors of the Holocaust in their own homes. Many members are frail and often isolated; some have few or no surviving family and are very lonely, so they would be grateful to have your companionship and much-needed assistance. You as a volunteer would make regular visits, be someone to talk to and - depending on the member’s physical state - possibly go on walks or shopping. Through these visits, our volunteers build rewarding and enduring friendships with survivors and it proves to be an extremely rewarding activity. They are given the privilege of hearing extraordinary stories and the inter-generational bonds that inevitably form ensure the experience of the Holocaust will not be forgotten. Befrienders visit between 1-3 hours weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly and should commit for at least 6 months.

Opportunity: Welfare Benefit Unit Volunteers

We’re keen for UCL students to apply to support our Welfare Benefit Unit on two days a week.

Our Welfare Benefit Unit Volunteers assist clients to completing welfare benefit applications; get involved in our reporting from the clinic and support our team of caseworkers.

It’s an invaluable role for our team and we’re keen to offer full support and training to all successful applicants.

Opportunity: Community Development Volunteer

Assisting the operations of the charity in order to achieve the overall aims

Opportunity: Learning Mentor

We are looking for volunteer learning mentors to support children with their homework and revision at our hostel-based Homework Club.

Our Homework Club is based in one of Camden Council’s hostels, and it provides resident children with much-needed space and quiet away from their overcrowded family units to work and study. On top of this, our volunteer learning mentors offer one-to-one academic support to individual children, helping them with homework tasks, revision, and test preparation.

Volunteer participation enables us to offer an intensive level of learning support to the children attending the club, who face considerable disadvantage in their academic development due to the general lack of space and privacy for study that hostel life entails.

Opportunity: ESOL volunteer

To support learners to improve their English skills and confidence in a group setting led by a qualified ESOL teacher.

Opportunity: Memory Loss Befriending Project Volunteer

Living with memory loss does not prohibit someone from being a useful and valued member of society. The aim of this project is to provide a much needed befriending service for those members who are living with memory loss and who may feel lonely, isolated and in need of stimulation. Volunteers often say it is a real privilege to visit AJR members with memory loss as they gain a huge amount from the experience.

Opportunity: Day-Centre Volunteer

We are looking for general volunteers to work at a Mental Health Wellbeing centre in Swiss Cottage where people who suffer from mental health issues attend.

Opportunity: Telephone Friend

We are looking for volunteers to keep in regular telephone contact with AJR members, over the age of 90, who are refugees and survivors of the Holocaust. Many members are frail and often isolated; some have few or no surviving family and are very lonely. They would really welcome a regular friendly call.
These calls can be very rewarding for the volunteer. They are given the privilege of hearing extraordinary stories and the inter-generational bonds that inevitably form ensure that the experience of the Holocaust will not be forgotten.

Opportunity: Volunteer befriender

Sant* supports refugees and asylum seekers who have social care/ health issues. Befrienders will help people to link to services, rebuild confidence, overcome practical problems such as language barriers, and better understand UK culture.Training & support will be provided.