Student life starts here. We're run by students for students. Here to help you make the most of UCL

Whether you're new to our community, or you're just settling into a new term, we've got hundreds of different ways to help you make friends, experience new things, and have fun.

Welcome is for everyone: postgraduate, undergraduate, part-time, mature, international, or local. We've got you covered.

Find something to do

With so much going on during Welcome it can feel a little overwhelming. So we've highlighted our favourite things to do and get involved with.

Our events are designed to help you meet people, try new things and have fun. Did you know that most of our events are alcohol free? We love putting on a good club night, but we do so much more than just that.

We make sure we have something for everyone - if you're a nightlife lover, new to London, bringing the family, here for the culture, or looking for postgrad only events we have an event for you.

Find your group

Whether you're a keen juggler, K-Pop fan, rugby lover, board game player, theatre kid, political thinker, looking for a cultural group or so much more - we have it all with over 400 clubs and societies for you to join.

Whether you've been doing it for years, or fancy trying something new there's no limit to what you can do.

Settle in to life at UCL and London

Starting at UCL is life-changing (if we say so ourselves), and you might be feeling anxious, excited, or perhaps a mix of both. 

We’re here to help you feel part of the UCL community. We'll help you explore campus, discover London, make friends and feel at home in this incredible city.

And remember, if you ever need support or advice get in touch with our incredible Advice service who are always here to help.

Everything you need to know

Eat, Drink, Shop, Gym

Beans, beanies and everything in-between. Here's where you can pick up your essentials…

The Hanger

What better way to kick off your first term than with our exclusive branded merch? We’ve got tees, sweaters, caps, TeamUCL kit and more available at The Hanger. Grab a hoodie to pull on for those 9am lectures, or a tote bag to throw all your essentials in.

We put every penny of profit back into your community. Every time you buy something from our shop, cafes and bars, you help us do the things we do.

Our shops

Last year, we opened two brand new convenience shops at our Bloomsbury and UCL East campuses.

You'll be able to grab a meal deal, pick up the ingredients you need for dinner or treat yourself to an impulsive sweet treat. All of our staff are students, just like you, so it's the friendliest convenience store you'll ever visit!

students laughing drinking coffee outside the print room cafe

Our cafes and bars

Your morning latte, your lunchtime meal deal and your Friday night pizza and pints - we've got all of that and more at our very own cafes & bars. You'll find that our prices are a lot more pocket-friendly than your average coffee shop or central London pub, too.

Our gym

Bloomsbury Fitness is your friendly gym on campus. As a fitness community, we're passionate, determined, and student-centred.

It's also a gym that gives back. As part of your Students' Union, we offer a quality service while keeping prices low and channelling profits back into student activities.

Got questions?

Here are some answers. But if you're still unsure, we're always available to help you over on our Instagram page @studentsunionucl ?

What is Students’ Union UCL?

UCL is a huge community, and at the heart of that community is the Students’ Union. We’re here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, we’re the place where more happens. Your route to 320 Clubs and Societies, countless volunteering opportunities, events and opportunities to socialise, great places to eat, drink and chill in, an Advice Service when you need it, and if you want to make lasting change at UCL, we can help you do that too. 

We’re led by students, democratically. Students decide what we do and how we do it and 1,000’s of students are elected each year to do just that. Six students even take a year out of their studies each year and get paid to make decisions, influence UCL, and represent you. They’re called Sabbatical Officers.

We’re separate from UCL, which means, whatever happens, we’ve got your back. We’re only ever working for you

How can I make friends?

Come along to our events, join our clubs and societies, chat to people on your course, strike up a conversation in one of our cafes, join a pub quiz or bingo team at our bars, attend a Project Active class... the list is endless. Here's a few ways UCL students met their friends.

What can you help me with?

We can help you do more at UCL, but what does that mean?

Volunteer. We have a team of people here to help you find ways to volunteer (online and in-person) in the local community. An amazing way to discover London, develop skills and give back. Find out more and browse their directory here.

Lead. We support 1,000’s of different student leaders each year. These leaders run the clubs, societies, campaigns and networks that help make our community at UCL truly special. 

Make change. We help students make change at UCL, from small changes on your course to institution-wide changes. Elected Representatives are working all year-round to make your life a UCL better.

Support. When times get tough, we’re here for you. Our Advice Service can support you with academic issues (like complaints), money issues (like debt and budgeting), housing issues (like contract checking) and lots more. We’re here for you.

Where can I hang out on campus?

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym will be open and ready to welcome you in January. Lunch at George Farha cafe, pints in the Huntley, panini's in Gordon’s Cafe, or pull-ups in Bloomsbury Fitness – we’re here for it all, including things that don’t start with ‘p’.

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym work a little differently to the kind you might be used to. We live by four promises; we put every penny of profit back into your community, we’re always better value than the high-street, we’ll choose planet over profit every time, and we’ll be at the centre of your campus community from start to finish.

How do you join clubs and societies?

Clubs and Societies are run by students, supported by us. They’re groups of students connected by a shared interest or passion - like K-Pop, or football. There’s a lot of groups so we’re sure you’ll find the one for you.

You can join online through our website. Have a browse through the Clubs and Societies Directory. Come along to our Welcome Fair and meet clubs and society committees and ask them about what they do.

Where can I get more info about UCL?

UCL is regularly updating its FAQ pages for new students, follow the links below for the latest information:

Your journey joining UCL

Accommodation FAQs