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A huge part of what makes UCL amazing is you. From sports teams to performing on stage or even volunteering in the community, your achievements deserve to be celebrated.

Every year we celebrate the hard work and progress of all those clubs, societies and individuals who have made a positive impact on students' lives at our annual awards ceremonies.

This year we will have four awards ceremonies; artsUCL Awards, TeamUCL Awards, Societies Awards and new for 2024, Community Awards.

The Community Awards will recognise how UCL Students contribute and give back to their communities on an identity, political and geographical level. We are very proud of our volunteers and student officers that led the way for their student communities and make a real difference to the world around them.

Our 2024 ceremonies will take place on 30 and 31 May, in the amazing Bloomsbury Theatre.

Tickets will be available to book via the Bloomsbury Theatre Website in a few weeks time.

2024 Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Awards!

You have until 12:00 on April 12 2024 to submit your nominations to help us recognise and reward the amazing work of our student body over the last 12 months.

You can nominate yourself, others or a group for any relevant award. The nominations are then considered by a student panel and the roll of honour will be released early May, with winners announced on stage in the ceremonies.

If you want to see what awards are on offer and what you need to include on your nomination, check out the 2024 Awards Criteria . When you know what awards you are going for and what you want to include, you are ready to go!

Society Awards

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Departmental Society of the Year

Volunteering Society of the Year

Cultural Society Impact Award

Innovation and Development Award

Innovative Online Engagement Award

Opportunities Award

Best Event

Best New Society

Overall Society of the Year

Societies Personality of the Year

Societies Colours

TeamUCL Awards

Mandy Walker Cup for Sports Personality of the Year

Sportsman of the Year

Sportswoman of the Year

Captain of the Year

Unsung Hero Award

Coach of the Year

Friends' Cup

The Shield for Most Improved Club or Team

Club of the Year

Volunteering Sports Club of the Year

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Louis Carr Memorial Award

TeamUCL Colours

artsUCL Awards

Best Bloomsbury Production

Best Small Production

Best Event

Best Design

Best Publication

Best Media Piece

Volunteering Arts Society of the Year

Diversity Award

Sustainability Award

Most Developed Arts Society of the Year

Arts Society of the Year

Best Contributor to the Media

Best Contributor to the Arts

Best Individual Performance

Arts Personality of the Year

artsUCL Colours

Community Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteering Organisation of the Year Award

Oliver Hare Altruism Award

Student-Led Project of the Year Award

Campaign/Initiative of the Year

Network of the Year

Network Member of the Year

Student Officer of the Year

Commitment to Coproduced Research Award

Honorary Life Membership

Nominations are also open for Honorary Life Membership. This is the highest honour Students’ Union UCL can bestow and recognises outstanding achievement and contribution across the entirety of someone’s UCL journey and experience.

Nominations for 2024 Honorary Life Memberships will close on Friday 12th April at 12pm

After the Awards, come the celebrations

This year, we are taking the celebrations to the next level with our summer balls! Join your friends to celebrate your achievements and see out the academic year in style.

The Sports Ball will be taking place on Thursday 30 May for all of TeamUCL to get dressed up and come together for an unforgettable night of live music, DJ sets, street food and themed areas. On Friday 31 May we'll do it all again for artsUCL members with our glitzy ArtsUCL Ball and at the end of the week campus will be transformed once again for the Summer Ball, which will be open to all UCL students.

We have limited Early Bird tickets on sale now. The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper the price. Get your tickets to avoid disappointment!

Thursday 30 May
Friday 31 May
summer ball
Saturday 1 June

Let's take a look back at last years winners...

artsUCL Awards 2023 Winners

Best Media Piece

Chun Buckets Everywhere: How Initiation Ceremonies Ruin the Freshers Experience - Cheese Grater Magazine

Best Publication

Women's Wrongs Feminist Zine - Cheese Grater Magazine

Best Small Production

She Loves Me - Musical Theatre Society

Arts Society of the Year

Salsa Society

Best Contributor to the Arts

Regina Co

Best Contributor to the Media

Zheyuan Tony Yang

‘Salsa Society hold amazing lessons with excellent teachers which create an engaging and welcoming environment to learn how to dance. The society has made me feel more comfortable about exposing myself to situations which typically are outside of my comfort zone.’

Diversity Award

Drama Society

Arts Personality of the Year

Lewis Murphy

Most Developed Arts Society

Salsa Society

Officers' Award

Daniel Jacobson

Best Bloomsbury Production

King Charles III - Drama Society

Best Individual Performance

Lottie Craven - Susannah

Best Design

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Drama and Stage Crew Societies

Best Event

The Alex Wu Concerto Competition - Music Society


Rory Benton

Akshay Patel

Alexa Marroquin

Alexandra Hak

Alix Le Hello

Amy Winterbottom

Anagha Sheshagiri

Andrea Bidnic

Ava Potter

Avesta Maqsudi

Ben Scanlan

Blue Watson

Caleb Tan

Carlos Rangel Outeda

Clara Wilkinson

Danni Tan

Elena Goh

Eliana Seroussi

Emily Whitchurch

Eugenie Ng

Evelyn Nguyen

Gaya Nair

Ghalia Alsayed

Grace Tyrrell

Gracie Enticknap

Harry Japes

Imani Stone-Mooring

Jacob Merchant

Jasmine Benamor

Jessica Alagaratnam

Jessica Zeng

Katherine Marlow

Kieron Goh

Leah Dawson

Lewis Long

Lily Park

Lucy Curran

Madhumila Killamsetty

Mads Brown

Malika Khodjaeva

Marianna Whistlecroft

Mariya Kachwala

Megan Thomas

Michi Aneez

Miranda Hitchens

Neil Majithia

Nick Miao

Nicole Ng

Nirvan Marathe

Obomate Briggs

Oliver Sykes

Priya Ord

Rea Sachdeva

Rebekah Wright

Robert Delaney

Sami Haddour

Seth Robinson

Shria Jindal

Silvia Bodei

Sofia Danailov Esteban

Sophie Eaton

Soraya Odubeko

Stephanie Hawes

Tanisha Lohia

Tasha Bhojwani

Tom Hughes

Uday Banerjee

Vanessa Chan

Wen Zhe Ng

Xinyu Sia


Ian Koh

Lottie Craven

Aaditya Subramanian

Aaron Reyes-Bordado

Alexa Wong

Anezka Khan

Angel Lolia

Angie Loo Jor Tsz

Anika Jayanth

Ashley New

Claudia De Sousa Miranda Perez

Daphne Sarkany

Emilie Stubb

Gabrielle Ndonkeu-Yidjeu

Grace Scott McDowall

Harry Speirs

Ian Koh

Isaac West

Isobel Persaud

Jai Britto

Jenny Windbrake

Jordan Lam

Josh Moore

Lauren Avis

Lewis Murphy

Lucile Rumsey

Ludovica Ardente

Magnus Cameron

Margaret (Mars) Cheung

Maria Khokhar

Marie Houot

Martha Stasinaki

Matt Blin

Maya Khurana

Megan Clark

Nandini Agarwal

Nerea Sainz De La Maza Melon

Ng Kwok Lam Gemma

Rahel Kiss

Roni Mevorach

Rowan D L Creighton

Sabrina Asrafova

Safiyah Moloobhoy

Sage Still

Samir Ismail

Saskia Wraith

Saul Lotzof

Shahin Rezvani

Tian Ahn Leow

Victoria Lee

Zhenya Robinson

Zheyuan Tony Yang

Zuri Zhang


Harry Robinson

Altay Shaw 

Amal Mehboob 

Disha Takle

Emma Bosson McEvaddy

Emma Wei 

Hasha Dar

Kingsley De Costa

Lily Pouydebasque 

Maria Sole Di Capua

Regina Co

Reyna Jani 

Scarlet Lines

Sharif Khalid

Societies Awards 2023 Winners

Societies Personality of the Year

Anton Korchagin

Departmental Society of the Year

Political Risk and Intelligence Society

Diversity & Inclusion Award

RUMS Society

‘Under Anton’s leadership, the Ukrainian society has achieved incredible milestones: hosting of high-profile figures like President Zelenskyy, members of the Ukrainian Parliament, leading authors and experts in various spheres. Additionally, the society has made significant contributions to various charities and shelters in Ukraine, all thanks to Anton’s leadership.'

Charity & Community Impact Award

Turkish Society

Cultural Society Impact Award

Ukrainian Society

Innovation & Development Award

Artificial Intelligence Society

Innovative Online Engagement Award

Artificial Intelligence Society

Opportunities Award

Surgical Society

Best Event

Jashn - Indian Society

Best New Society

Science Magazine Society

Overall Society of the Year

Ukrainian Society


Aashvin Relwani

Adam Charef

Andrew Morrish

Amelia Snook

Amy Page

Andrzej Szablewski

Chinmay Mullapudi

Danilo Paganelli

Douglas Thorkell

Drishti Nathani

Eddie Mann

Edoardo Lorenzetti

Eevi Paasivaara

Ekta Barot

Emma Owens

Felix Neubauer

Fleur Yildrim

Genevieve Morgan

Helmut Yeung

Jack Elvey

Joshua Darmon

Lewis Weaver

Maria Yuffa

Mathura Kathirgamanathan

Megan Fallows

Mehad Ali

Melike Temizturk

Miriam Jansen

Penny Jenkins

Philip Greger

Prisha Pahariya

Riza Mirza

Robbie Morris

Serene Lim

Shahyr Shezad

Suchita Rana

Taanya Bhatt

Vedika Rajavat

Yingxin Ong


Aishwarya Shah

Alina Vrabie

Angela Yu

Angie Loo Jor Tsz

Arya Toleti

Daniel Bennett

Filip Trhlik

James Briant

Jeremy Lo Ying Ping

Khadeejah Hullemuth

Konstantin Dilchev

Micah Gerstner

Michael Chan

Nishchal Rai

Olga Drygala

Ramneet Bains

Siqi Zhu

Toby Ng

Tommy Jenkins

Trisha Dubey

Woojin Nam


Amit Bhudia

Ankith Mannath

Danna Nitzani

Gabriele Kurpyte

George Khalil

Jake Dorman

Jenna Kam

Maheem Imran

Martynas Pocius

Mukund Hari Nathany

Ruohan Liu

Surabhi Luthra

TeamUCL Awards 2023 Winners

Club of the Year


Diversity & Inclusion Award


Friends' Cup

Hockey Men

‘The Calisthenics club has been one of the highlights of my final year at university. Not only has it given me an amazing community of supportive athletes, it’s also helped to improve my physical and mental health.’

Louis Carr Memorial Fund

Football Red Star

Shield for Most Improved Cup or Team


Volunteering Sports Club of the Year


Sportsman of the Year

Charlie Hofer

Sportswoman of the Year

Alice Cozens

Coach of the Year

Phil Casper

Unsung Hero

Diane Le Rouic

Captain of the Year

Matthew Cavaliere

Mandy Walker Sports Personality of the Year

Chiamaka Agu

Sporting Excellence

Izzy Osude

Zenia Wong

Eve Trainor

Rebecca Woodburn

Charlie Hofer

Ellen Campbell

Emma Larsson


Ade Adenle

Alba Morillo Paterson

Alex Strong

Alyssa Khoo

Anastasija Boikova

Aria Hashemi

Arighni Ghosh

Arwen Zhang

Aurora Colombo

Ben Wardle

Benjamin Watts

Bihan Zhou

Bonnie Macdonald-Winship

Cameron Church

Charlie Litchfield

Chiara Panzi

Clarissa Purdy

Claudia De Sousa Miranda Perez

Conor Walsh

Daisy Key

Devlin Guthrie

Ed Marshall-Smith

Eleanor Garnier

Eleanor Wingfield

Elisa Martini

Elizabeth Mauro

Emily Evans

Enyo Pang

Eve Steward

Evie Bennison

Felicity Canning

Gabija Posiunaite

Georgi Zaykov

Grace Yu

Harry Stockdale

Hayat Leung

Helen Joung

Hermione Baxter Chinnery

Hugh Knapp

Ignacio Guerrero

Iker Hernaez Sanz

Jack Waterman

Jacob Pauly

Jakob Jankowski

James Symons-Hicks

Janka Szudarovics

Joash Ang

John McNamara

Kaitlyn Ng

Katarina Krajnovic

Kriti Chatterjee

Leo Saiu-Bell

Louis Hayes

Louise Poirier

Luke O'Toole

Luke O'Toole

Maia Dixit

Marie Maeland

Marina Ghirardello

Max Huang

Maya Jagpal

Mia Hart

Nathan Ong

Nic Choo

Ochuko Edward

Paula Cardo

Phaedra Davies

Phi Khanh Buingoc

Phi Khanh-Buingoc

ploy patra-yanan

Ramona Kingdon

Ryan Lock

Shan Lim

Tallulah Richards

Tarek Khan

Tasha Chan

tricia Ng

Will Milbank

Yuta Sato

Zara Ayaz

Zara Ayaz

Zenia Wong

Zoe Cezard

Adrien Souillat

Alexandra Brookes

Archie Graham

Ashray Bhamidipati

Danhe Turner

Dhillon Selvarajah

Hazel Stutz

Iona Lindsay

Ishita Jainer

Jacob Pauly

Janka Szudarovics

Joel Slater

John McNamara

Jules Street

Juliana Kusiima

Long-Him Lui

madeline klein

Matthew White

Maude Juste

Mikel Santillo

Noah Martle

Seb Kingsberry

Signe Reid

Stuart Li-Tremble

Charles Paice

Dhillon Selvarajah

Izzy Osude

Michael Stewart

Shruti Shinde


Aferdita Xhameni

Angie Koutsiouroumpa

Ankit Gupta

Anna Schyberg

Apratim Shastri

Bella Gilbert

Ben Ballard

Benjamin Horswell

Carlos Bertran

Catherine Bacon

Charlotte Scheideler

Clementine Manning

David M. Simon

Demetri Alvanis

Diane Le Rouic

Eleonora Agostinelli

Emil Ali

Emilia Robson

Emily Churchill

Emmie Bowlt

Eve Hartley

Freddie Briggs

George Shery Ponodath

Harriet Crossingham

Harrison Hampshire

Isadora Rawlinson

Issey Mais

Jodie Lawrence-Taylor

John Mcnamara

Julie Amarin

Kai Xuan Tan

Karolina Gawin

Karolina Gawin

Karri Keikkinen

Kieran Spruce

Lana Rawlings

Lavi Moro

Louis Dean

Louis Smith

Luc Souillat

Lucy Williams

Ludovica Mazzoleni

Luisa Degen

Mai Nguyen

Marie Ndocko

Martim Pereira

Matthew Punt

Merle Nunneley

Nell Rudd-Jones

Noa Adan

Noah Brinkworth

Oliver Gadsby

Olly Fox de Klerk

Phoebe Teo

Phuong-Thao Nguyen

Rosie Morgan

Sahil Basra

Sam Van Der Poel

Seyta Diop

Sophia Fikree

Teresa Macey-Dare

Tiago Santos

Yasmin Smith

Zoe Combe

Adil Patel

Agathe Pascault

Daniel Dorey Rodriguez

Katherine Terence

Lydia Jeremiah

Marie Maeland

Matthew Cavaliere

Rebecca Woodburn

Sasha Kroon

Alexa Marroquin


Alasdair Fletcher

Alice McNally

Asher Loke

Catherine Hollander

Charlie Hofer

Christopher Fitzgerald

Ellen Campbell

Emilia Robson

Emma Larsson

Finley Grover Thomas

Jacopo Astolfi

James Norgate

Joe Wheeler

Joseph Lee

Kevin Fang

Natalia Osborne

Rohan Tandon

Sasha Green

Teresa Macey-Dare

William Middleton

Zain Piracha

Volunteering Award 2023 Winners

Volunteer of the Year

George Way

Chloe Chan

Yalin Chen

Volunteering Organisation of the Year

Calthorpe Community Garden

Student Led Project of the Year

Zero Food Waste

‘Chloe volunteers for the charity every week without fail. This time commitment is invaluable and impossible to put a price on. She may not realise the impact she has but I don't know what I'd do without her. Her volunteering has led to more income for the charity and therefore has a direct impact on the families we support.’

Oliver Hare Altruism Award

Charlotte Choy

Student Led Project - Most Innovative Project

Engineers without Borders Outreach

Watch the 2022 Ceremonies