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My top 3 priorities:

  1. Develop a Union Skills module, so that student leaders can dedicate more time to activities and
    their effort can be recognised alongside academic work.
  2. Advance the efforts for a Students’ Union Building with dedicated arts, sports, and social spaces.
  3. Continue ensuring student involvement as the Student Life Strategy gets rolled out.

My latest Officer Report: 

Read my officer report to see what I have been up to in representing you for the last month.

President - February Report

President - January Report

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Thursday 21/10/2021 - 15.30" href=''>
New policies we're bringing about
On Monday 11 October we had our first Union Executive Meeting of the academic year. During the meeting, the Sabbatical Officers and Part-Time Officers meet to discuss matters you bring to the table.
Sunday 22/08/2021 - 15.11" href=''>
Union Executive
What is Union Executive?