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What made you decide to stand for election this year?

I’ve had a great time at UCL over the past three years, studying an interesting interdisciplinary degree and making many friends through different clubs and societies. However, my overall educational experience was unfortunately hindered by multiple strikes and the pandemic. I therefore stood for election to do my best to ensure the quality of education for other UCL students remains the best it can possibly be, with disruptions kept to a minimum.

What are your top three priorities from your manifesto?

1. Maintain a strong Extenuating Circumstances policy for the next academic year and ensure next year’s attendance policy will not overburden students.

2. Work to close the BAME awarding gap.

3. Extend the transition mentor system to include the mentorship of second year students, if requested.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

I hope to ensure that the quality of education at UCL is of an excellent standard, and that disruptions to learning are kept to a minimum. Considering UCL was rated 2nd in the UK for research power, our education quality should also be as good! I am interested in reducing educational inequalities and hope to achieve real progress in closing the BAME awarding gap and creating an inclusive educational experience for all students.

What has been the best part of your UCL experience so far?

Making life-long friends through different clubs and societies has been the best part of my UCL experience. An event which is a highlight of my time at UCL was fundraising during Charity Week by climbing Mount Snowdon last year, where over £70,000 was collectively raised by the climbers.

Your advice to new students?

Get involved! Don’t be afraid to go to club or society events by yourself, as everyone is incredibly welcoming. Your student years are some of the freest years you’ll have, so make the most of them!

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