University Challenge 2022 - Trials Underway
Have you got what it takes to represent UCL in next year's BBC University Challenge competition? Since 1964, students from across the UK have competed to be crowned University Challenge champions.
Tips for moving into a student house
Renting private accommodation will be a new experience for many students, and moving in to your own place can feel a bit daunting.  We have therefore put together some tips for any first time renters to help you prepare for life in your new home.
What you can expect during Welcome 2021
It feels like we’ve been waiting for this Welcome Week to arrive forever. The past year has been challenging for a hundred different reasons and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us. We’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store.
What's it like being a Postgraduate student and working full-time?
Being a postgraduate student, in full-time employment is a different ball game. Sure, people do it all the time, but it definitely feels like trying to write 100 essays, keeping up with deadlines at work as well as trying to win the Nobel peace prize all at once - it is overwhelming. Here's how Anjora managed it all.
Sport England award £10,000 to TeamUCL for sport and physical activity opportunities for disabled students.
We are very proud to announce that TeamUCL have been awarded £10,000 from Sport England to create opportunities for disabled students to take part in sport and physical activity.
"If you want to seek change then you must first be the change and make a difference"
Katie San is a fourth year MPharm student.
Support for those affected by events in Afghanistan
The Taliban have completed a rapid takeover of Afghanistan after the United States, UK and other Western countries withdrew forces after 20 years.This has created a dangerous and hostile environment for those living in, or visiting, Afghanistan with many people urgently seeking to leave the country and find safety. 
A guide to accommodation for 21/22 academic year
As we approach the new academic year, you may have been viewing properties in the private sector or looking at other options for accommodation. University of London Housing Services is a great place to start looking.
Volunteering 'can make a real change to someone's life'
Melisa Sahan is an MSci Psychology student.
Social Hackathons: 'I really loved the experience every time'
Paul Ho had recently participated in our Social Hackathons. Here, he shares his experience devising ideas for Ataxia, the leading national charity in the Uk for people affected by any type of ataxia.
Things to look out for when doing your Late Summer Assessments
The Late Summer Assessment (LSA) exam period will take place from 16th August to 3rd September 2021 for students that have deferred or failed one or more of their assessments during this academic year. We know that sitting exams online and at home will still feel like a relatively new experience for many students.
Tips for preparing for Late Summer Assessments
The Late Summer Assessment (LSA) exam period will take place from 16th August to 3rd September 2021 for students that have deferred or failed one or more of their assessments during this academic year. To help you navigate these upcoming assessments, we have put together some exam preparation guidance and tips.Find out the date and time of your exams
UoL and Birkbeck, what are you doing to our space?
More than two months have passed since we learnt that Birkbeck had acquired the lease for the Student Central building with plans to remove the swimming pool and all of the activity space. Birkbeck gets the keys on 23 July and we’re trying everything we can to get them to see sense and save this essential save student space.
Meet the Sabbatical Officers representing you this year
Meet the new team of Sabbatical Officers elected to make life better at UCL, find out who they are and what they plan to do for you... 
UCL results: Your options
Results day is on Thursday 8th July. We know this can be a stressful time which is why we’ve put together some useful information about what happens next.No DetrimentUnder UCL’s 2020/21 ‘no detriment’ package, the classification borderlines have been widened by 1.00% for this year’s finalists. This means that for:
Have you considered leading a project next year?
“Being a Project Leader…it’s like being able to make your own small pocket of change”Being a Project Leader for one of our Student-Led Projects is a great opportunity to gain new skills, and make a change in the local community.
The Social Hackathons are back… and they’ve had a sweet summer makeover!
They're back and they're better than ever!  Why not make an exceptional summer exceptional and take part in one, or multiple, of the Social Hackathons in our Summer Series; and become a super ‘Social Hacker’?  WE NEED YOU: Take part in our all-new Summer Series of Social Hackathon
Volunteering 'contributes to a collective sense of wellbeing'
Kirsty Goodman is an MRes/PhD student in the Department of Security and Crime Science.
Education Awards 2021: The Winners
Welcome to the 2021 Education Awards The Student Choice Awards give students the chance to thank members of staff who have inspired and supported them during their time at UCL, letting these staff members know that their hard work makes a difference. A list of all st
Clubs, Arts, Societies and Volunteering Awards 2021
The impact made by clubs, societies and volunteers this year has never been greater. Faced with uncertainty, relentless challenges, and a world that felt unimaginable a year earlier, students took the lead. They built communities, offered sanctuaries of support, and gave their time to make the year better for others.