End of Year Awards - the Winners!
After four incredible ceremonies celebrating students and the impact they make, the 1,000 nominations have been whittled down to the final winners. Here they are...
Celebrating 130 years of making more happen at UCL
On the third of June 1893, UCL's Council approved the formation of the Men's Union Society for ‘the promotion of social intercourse and of the means of recreation, physical and mental, of the students of the University College, and the financial success of students’ clubs’.
'I could not encourage trans* students at UCL more to join the network'
Harper Taylor-Hanson (Natural Sciences BSc) has achieved great things as our Trans Officer this year, including the organisation of a fascinating and insightful lecture series in Term 2.
'I have had the chance to shape UCL's environmental policies'
Laura Dewhurst (MSc Science Communication) has been working hard towards a greener campus this year as one of our Sustainability Communication & Engagement Ambassadors!
Yoyo Wallet is now Teya Rewards
Everyone's favourite money saving app, Yoyo, has now rebranded to Teya Rewards. Whether you've never used the app before or have 30,000 points saved up, keep reading to get all the information you need on what's changed.
'I had the opportunity to educate the next generation'
Sarah Makhmudova isn't just a first year BSc Psychology and Education student - she's been volunteering for years, and has carried this on alongside her studies at UCL!
5 ways to get active this summer
If you're looking for ways to get active this Summer but don't know what to do or where to start, here are our top 5 suggestions.1: Join a Gym
'We established a family amongst the committee and made some incredible memories.'
Anniereetha Moses (Chemical Engineering MEng) is the Treasurer of Engineering Society, one of our departmental societies and our largest STEM Society!
'I am passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and society.'
Aleksandr Ignatev, a first year BSc Population Health Sciences student, is a Sustainability Community Ambassador who has been working hard to encourage the UCL community to be more sustainable!
Some big changes are coming to our spaces...
Over the summer break we'll be making some exciting changes to our spaces in time for the 2023-24 academic year; here's everything you need to know.
'My work with Pi and as Student Media Rep has been invaluable.'
Nell Wedgwood, a third year Linguistics BA student, is President of Pi Media and your Student Media Rep for 22/23. I joined Pi at the start of my first year, but I felt too nervous to actually get involved or write anything for a long time.
A guide to accommodation for 23/24 academic year
As we approach the new academic year, you may have been viewing properties in the private sector or looking at other options for accommodation. University of London Housing Services is a great place to start looking.
Students at UCL vote to REMAIN part of NUS UK
Students at UCL have voted for Students' Union UCL to REMAIN a member of NUS UK.This week we held a referendum on our membership of the National Union of Students. 2,565 students voted, passing the minimum threshold to make the outcome binding.
End of Year Awards: the shortlist
Being involved in a sports club, the arts, a society or volunteering project while studying can make a huge impact on your university experience. That’s why we think the students who keep those communities growing are so invaluable – they all play a huge part in making UCL so great.
Ditch the Disposable
Our cafes are always doing as much as they can to be more sustainable.
Support for students affected by events in Sudan
Recent and ongoing events in Sudan are undoubtedly overwhelming and upsetting for those impacted, both in the UK and in Suda
Unexpected disruptions to your exams or assessments
As we enter the main exam period, it is possible that your revision or exams may be unexpectedly disrupted. If your assessments are impacted by serious events such as illness or bereavement, you can apply for Extenuating Circumstances.
Spotlight on artsUCL: Lilies in December
Set in 1990s Hong Kong, Lilies in December is an original story, following Yvonne and Vanessa as they navigate their relationship within the confines of societal and family pressure in an East Asian society. A celebration of diversity and representation, the play explores the unspoken tales of queerness in East Asian culture.
4th Sustainability Council (18 April 2023) - Waste
The final Student Sustainability Council session of this academic year took place on 18 April 2023 in a hybrid format.
UCU 2022-23 Strikes - What you need to know
The Union (UCU) representing many academic and support staff at universities across the UK