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Science Communication Slam!

Ever get asked by your family or friends, what is your research about? Struggle to get them to understand? This is more common than you think and is a super good indicator that you’re ready to work on your science communication skills!

Unlock the power of your scientific voice at our Science Communication Slam! Join us for dynamic training sessions throughout May that provide a crash course in effective science communication. Choose from a menu of options and build yourself your own learning pathway, based on what you need.


Scientific Storytelling with Anna Ploszajski

All stories start with a question; “what if…?”.

In research, we ask “what if…?” too, but we call this question a hypothesis, and seek to answer it with experiments and studies. Despite this likeness between research and stories, many of us struggle to communicate our work effectively and engagingly. Well, what if researchers became better storytellers?

In this engaging workshop, I will give you the tools you need to tell creative and compelling stories about your studies to make you more memorable, understandable and engaging, increasing the overall impact of your work.

We’ll cover how to structure like a storyteller, how to create compelling worlds and characters (even in a literature review!), and how to use language succinctly and engagingly to make your message pitch-perfect for any future audience.

You'll learn how to apply these skills to:

  • Writing papers

  • Giving exciting presentations

  • Writing proposals and professional documents

  • Engaging with diverse communities

There’s no prior experience of creative writing or presenting required – this training is for everyone from folks who detest writing and want to inject some fun into their studies, to regular writers and presenters looking to step up their game to the next level.

Make sure to take advantage of Science Communication Slam! line up of events happening all throughout the month of May by checking out our event page here

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly