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These are your elected Sabbatical Officers for 2020 - 21.

Ilyas Benmouna - Activities Officer

Sandy Ogundele - Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

Carol Paige - Democracy, Operations and Community Officer

Ayman Benmati, Education Officer

Jim Onyemenam, Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Yasmeen Daoud, Welfare & International Officer 

Aarushi Menon, Women’s Officer

Your Sabbatical Officers are here to improve your life at UCL. They sit on important meetings make sure your voice is heard at the highest university level, in meetings with the Provost and other senior leaders at UCL. They’re drivers of big change on campus. Previous Sabbatical Officers have increased mental health funding, made sure fees remain fixed for international students and helped tackle the bloody reality of period poverty on campus with free sanitary products in all Union facilities.

This year’s officers have big changes coming up. Click to find out why they stood and what they have been doing to improve student life. Contact details can also be found on their pages. 

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