Election: Leadership Race - Spring 2021

Category: Part Time Officer


RoundOluseyi OsibamowoCatherine Williams / Lewis BentleyRON (Re-Open Nominations)ExhaustedSurplusThreshold

Count of first choices. The initial quota is 191.50. Candidate Oluseyi Osibamowo has reached the threshold and is elected.

Catherine Williams / Lewis Bentley

What do you hope to achieve in the role if you are elected?
-To increase diversity and inclusivity, placing progression and the welfare of students as our foundation: To work with other student officers to create a platform that amplifies underrepresented voices to effect change

-To promote cross-collaboration and communication both within UCL and to the external wider community: Establishing an outreach programme that widens the platform of UCL Arts and increases our charitable endeavours.

-To increase networking, leadership, career and workshop opportunities for the Arts: Liaising with industry contacts to deliver tailored events for members

What will you bring to this role (e.g. experience, skills or qualities)?
We have a wide variety of experience having both been President of some of the largest Arts societies (MT & Drama), in what have been very challenging times. We are used to working in adverse conditions; implementing creative solutions to difficult problems to ensure success. Catherine is also the current SU Performance Arts Representative and has facilitated a strong relationship with the Union. Being members of multiple Arts societies, we have built long-lasting relationships and will utilise our connections to effect change at every level, placing welfare at the core of all we do.

Anything else?
Hi! We are Catherine & Lewis and we are running to be your Arts Officers for 2021/22. We have a wealth of experience between us and want to implement long-lasting, progressive changes that benefit all Arts members.
Please check out our expanded manifesto:

Oluseyi Osibamowo

What do you hope to achieve in the role if you are elected?
As talented and varied as the arts societies already are, there are three main areas I'd focus on improving...
1. Diversity within the arts - I'd aim to make the arts a safe, inclusive and accessible space for everyone regardless of background or race.
2. Promotion of the arts - I'd aim to provide more opportunities for funding, this is especially important to reboost the arts in a post COVID world.
3. Community within the arts – I want to organise collaborative events between societies and promote the benefits of getting involved with the arts to expand the community.

What will you bring to this role (e.g. experience, skills or qualities)?
COVID-19 sadly took away opportunities for the arts to function as normal this year. Despite this, as UCL arts societies we all got creative in the way in which we host society activities. Having been producer for three Musical Theatre shows this year and event's coordinator, I am familiar with how Blooms shows work and how to create (COVID safe) ways for people to get involved in the arts. I'm organised and driven to give the attention that the arts need. The arts at UCL have been important to my wellbeing, I want to make everyone's experience in the arts community as safe and enjoyable :))

Anything else?
Art societies have kept morale up during these tough times, which shows the importance of them to students. Overall, with my aims I think that we could get the Arts to be as highly recognised and loved as Sports. Follow my campaign on social media for more details on how I'd achieve those aims!