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If you’re starting to worry about finding accommodation for the 2021-22 academic year, there’s no reason to panic. London has a large supply of rented accommodation, with available properties listed all year round. This means that there will still be housing available even if you chose to only look in September, or a few weeks before you need to move in.

Although the Government has set out its plan to ease Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the months ahead and what teaching will look like at the start of the 2020/21 academic year. We would therefore advise you to wait until your department has confirmed the teaching arrangements for September, unless you are certain you intend to live in the property regardless of whether your course is taught online or in person.

When it is time to start looking for your new accommodation, University of London Housing Services is a great place to start. They have a Flatmate Finder Facebook group, a list of registered letting agents and ‘Find A Property’ search tool. They will also be hosting a virtual Housing Fair in early June (details to be announced); the Fair will be part of a ‘Housing Week’ full of helpful virtual sessions, including a flatmate finding event and househunting webinars. We will share more details about the events as soon as University of London Housing Services confirm them.

If you find new accommodation and decide that you would like a contract check, or if you have any specific questions about your tenancy agreement, our service can provide some advice and support with this. You can contact us through our contact form or via email on [email protected].