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Monday 24 May 202119.00 to 20.00

Social dodgeball training is back at Somerstown (indoors)! Join us at 19:00 for an hour of our usual fun and games (supercatch, daisy chain, and prison break will be back with a vengeance) - no experience required.

The session is limited to 30, so please bare that in mind when booking.

Please also note that in order to get a ticket, you must be a member of UCL Dodgeball Club. If it is your first time coming to one of our trainings, you may get the first session free (just get the free remote membership), after that you will need to buy our social membership (only £20 and we have several sessions running in the next few weeks, including an introduction to competitive dodgeball!). 

We look forward to seeing you!

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Free ticket