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We present the Musical Theatre society's ORIGINAL Musical See it. Say it. Sorted!

Five strangers find themselves under scrutiny for abandoning a suspicious bag at King's Cross. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes apparent that each person is fleeing their own troubles, and the confines of the waiting room and interrogation process compel them to confront their emotions and the very issues they're evading. Through explorations of love, loss, and accountability, this narrative-driven song cycle chronicles the journey of discovering fleeting community among strangers

This show will have three performances held at Theatro Technis (see here how to get there)

Tuesday 4th of June evening 19:30 - 21:30

Wednesday 5th of June matinee 14:00 -16:00

Wednesday 5th of June evening 19:30 - 21:30

All tickets are £10.99

For non-UCL students, you can purchase a ticket after creating a local account in the login section.

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Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly