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Thursday 13 May 202117.00 to 17.30

No prior listening required! This series will use The School of Greatness podcasts to think about how we can develop ourselves and achieve our goals meaningfully. Mitesh Vagadia from Student Support and Wellbeing will introduce several snippets from one podcast episode per week to get into discussions around personal development, and how we can focus on developing ourselves in a positive manner. He’ll also talk about things that he has found useful to learn about personal growth and useful approaches to take when thinking about the topic. You’re guaranteed to learn something new, whether it’s from someone’s experiences, outlook on life or something else!

This week, we’re listening to Episode 1090 of the School of Greatness podcast, hosted by Lewis Howes. In this episode, Howes speaks to Bob Proctor, who has expertise in the conscious and unconscious minds. In this session, we’ll be talking about the importance of gratitude, and framing your approach to focus on the present and future, rather than dwelling on things out of your control in the path. We’ll also talk about goals and manifesting abundance, so don’t miss out!

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