Welcome to the Tackling Sexual Violence Training workshop for all Society Committee Reps! This essential training will equip you with the soft skills to better understand what sexual violence and consent is, how to speak to someone about sexual violence, what your responsibilities are as a Society student leader and how to confidently signpost someone to the many resources UCL has to offer.  

This will be an interactive workshop where you are expected to participate. There will be two 10 minute access breaks in the middle and worksheets for you to complete. In this training we are going to be talking about gender-based and sexual violence in detail. There will be some videos that talk about trauma responses and mental health impacts. We mention this so you can prepare and if there are topics that hit close to home and you find difficult, we encourage you to do what you need to do to be okay. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss how we can make this training more accessible for you, please reach out to the trainer, Jo,  who will be happy to chat to you: [email protected]

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly