The Climate Collage is a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity. Our project is to run the game in public schools in London.


We wish to bring students together, let them engage with climate change facts, and find personal or collective solutions for this complex challenge our world is facing. In just 3 hours’ time, the cards allow you to retrace the IPCC*’s reasoning and have fun doing it! An opportunity is given to discuss the consequences, challenges and changes that you see are coming or should be coming.


We are recruiting volunteers, whether they be new to the topic or quite savvy.

If you'd like to get involved as a volunteer or want more information, please contact us!

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"It taught me to ask questions and to put myself out there."
Barbara Leger is a second-year Geography student and one of the Project Leaders for one of our newer projects, the Climate Collage UCL, that aims to educate young people about climate change through games. Read on to learn how Barbara got this project off the ground and what it's like getting year 6 students interested in climate change.