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This page provides tools and resources for UCL staff for use in supporting Student Academic Representation practice. 

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Guidance and Information

Key information, advice, and guidance for 2019-20

This is aimed at experienced staff who require only a digest of changes, tweaks, and requests for the year ahead. This information is available here.

Staff Checklist

This checklist provides a practical run-through of everything you will need to consider to promote, recruit, and support your Academic Representatives. - Download the Checklist

Staff Guide to Student Academic Representation

The Staff Guide provides information and guidance on the practicalities of Student Academic Representation. It sets out in detail what is required, but also provides guidance on improving and enhancing student representation. The 2017-18 edition of the guide has been completely refreshed to provide greater practical guidance in a more concise format. Download the Staff Guide

Student Academic Representation Benchmarking Tool

This benchmarking tool helps to identify the progress being made on developing student academic representation at both a local and an institutional level. - Download

Staff Workshop Resources

InEDITA Effective Staff Student Consultative Committees: Policy and Practice Workshop - Download

Academic Manual Guidance 

Section 6: Student Academic Representation - Link

SSCC Agenda and MInutes Template (Please search for Annex 9.6.1) - Link

Promotional Resources

We make available a variety of resources which you can use to help promote Student Academic Representation within your department.


Poster 1 / Poster 2 / Poster 3

Digital Screen Advertisement

Version One / Version Two

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Promotional Video

Our promotional video outlines the key benefits to being a Course or Research Student Representative and what is involved. Its less than 5 minutes long, and prompts the department or programme to briefly outline how representatives will be appointed locally.  - Youtube link / Download link

Role Descriptors

These role descriptors are aimed at both students and staff, highlighting key responsibilities and the time commitment required for each Academic Representative role.

Election Resources

Electronic Elections

We recommend use of Opinio for electing representatives electronically. You can find out more about using Opinio using UCL ISD’s extensive guidance available here. Alternatively, the Choice Module in Moodle is also suitable for this purpose.

For Paper Ballots

  • Election Count Sheet (for paper ballot)  PDF / Word
  • Voting Slips (for paper ballot)  PDF / Word
  • Student nomination form  PDF / Word


  • Student Priorities for Education Report  - An in-depth analysis of the priorities students discussed across all UCL SSCCs in 2018-19 and Tell UCL week, with recommendations relevant to departments, faculties, and UCL as a whole.
  • Academic Representation Annual Report 2018-19 [coming soon] - our annual report on progress with developing effective academic representation at UCL for 2018-19.


For any general enquiries please contact  . One of our team will respond as soon as possible.